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  1. Again, Gomez had 33.5 million dollars left on his deal at the time of the trade, Kovalev had a million at most left on his deal at the time of the trade. Kovalev was a soon to be FA and Gomez is locked up long term. Money was no object in the Kovalev acquisition and it was everything in the Gomez acquisition. How hard a concept is THIS to grasp?
  2. Never what I said. Just said you neglected one of his finer trades and that the Gomez deal is nothing like the Kovalev deal.
  3. I'm no Gainey fanboy. I just like to point out when you have no idea what you're talking about, hence my participation in this thread
  4. Yep same player. 4 quarters for a loonie guys. Cept for that decade that separates them...oh and their free agent status at the time...oh and 2.5 million dollars per season...
  5. You're going to have to do a lot better than that. Kovalev was an impending free agent and this trade happened on March 2nd. I can't find the exact contract figures but he likely had 1-1.5 million left on his deal? Possibly even less, like I said, I do not know how much he was making that season. But I do know that his deal was set to expire. Saying that we were the only team that could take on his salary might sound great for your argument, but it simply isn't true. The fact that you feel the need to compare a deal for a player with 5 years remaining on his contract to a deal for a player with 4 months remaining on his contract is laughable.
  6. First of all Kozed you are forgetting Gainey's best move. Rivet for Gorges and a 1st (Pacioretty). At least give him some credit there. And how is Montreal the only team that can take on Kovalev's salary in an uncapped world when he is an impending UFA? Not similar to the Gomez trade in any way, shape or form.
  7. ok this is ridiculous. I've got my tin foil hat at the ready.
  8. Halak doesn't have a say in the matter.
  9. Anyone watching the new Scrubs? I liked the first two but I'm still skeptical of whether it will be able to continue once JD is gone (he's only signed on for 4 more episodes i believe)
  10. Agree with pretty much everything. We stunk. It was embarrassing. I just hope it was only one game, we got a tough one up next against the Bengals but at least it is at home.
  11. Vikes get blown out and lose MLB EJ Henderson for the season (career?) I wish yesterday's game never happened. We really haven't beat any great teams (Packers x2 and Ravens being the best) and now we've lost to the Steelers and the Cards on the road and have little hope for home field advantage. I'm starting to wonder if we're as good as I think we are.
  12. First of all, a first team All-Star is a lot different than an All-Star. Secondly, if Koivu had the exact same numbers and had won a couple cups as captain, then yes he probably would and should have his jersey number retired.
  13. Bouchard was a Captain for 8 years, won 4 Cups, first team all star 3 times, I don't see a problem. I am a bit puzzled as to why Lapointe seems to have gotten the shaft from the 70s era though.
  14. I just pray we don't get embarrassed tomorrow night. My biggest hopes at the moment are the end of the 100th anniversary curse and the solace that we might have an excellent pick in next year's draft.
  15. 15-3 in shots? Is this going to be the Nashville game without the stellar goaltending?
  16. I'm glad I thought this was a 730 start. Should I bother firing up CJAD at this point?
  17. The reason I don't think it is as popular as it could be is the lack of excitement during the regular season. I mean when did the Als clinch a playoff spot? early September? And even then, after a 4-0 start we could have actually gone 4-15 and made the playoffs. I'd like to see them lower it to 4 teams, or at the very least add two teams to make it 6 out of 10 in the playoffs. Having said that, the Grey Cup got massive ratings for TSN/RDS, showing that people will watch when the games are important.
  18. I don't want to turn this into a big CFL/NFL argument. I prefer the NFL but enjoy both. But one of the things that I often dislike about the NFL is the glitz and glamour component. The Super Bowl, for example, isn't even about the game anymore. It's about the commercials, the half-time show, the two week buildup, and then at the end of the line it's about the 3 hours where they actually play football. I find the Grey Cup is still about the football when it comes down to it. Just my opinion anyway. As for Jim Marshall, poor guy, despite an incredible iron man streak and a great career as a prominent member of the Purple People Eaters, he's probably still more well known as "Wrong Way". Hilarious clip though.
  19. You must not be familiar with, among others, Jim Marshall, Leon Lett or Dwayne Rudd?
  20. I don't believe it! I'm shaking and nearly in tears! AMAZING!!!
  21. This drive will define Calvillo's career.
  22. how is there no flag on that play? GARBAGE!
  23. false hope? Lets go Offense, the momentum is shifting!
  24. Good start! Let's keep it going now...
  25. Hope they prove me wrong but I have zero faith in our ability to comeback in the second half.
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