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  1. Thats a good point Habs77, never really though of the numbers side I'll make my NFL pool again and see if i can defend my championship hehehe. BTW dlbalr, i don't get RDS either but i think that a total of 12-13 games are on CBC and TSN for the Als this year so that's not too bad. The problem with the CFL is that it is so easy to make the playoffs (3 teams miss out of 9) that the regular season is pretty meaningless for the powerhouses of the league, especially since our division is so weak. The CFL needs more teams, putting a team in Quebec City or Halifax is the first step.
  2. Just wondering if anyone is interested in something like this. If anyone knows a site where there is CFL Fantasy Football let me know, if not it will be really tough to organize and would take a lot of effort from people. So if your interested let me know here.
  3. I find it interesting that now this is the second Veteran RB that Phillips has forced out in the last two years. both RBs had been with their former team for a long time too. Almost seems unfair that a headcase of a player could so easily force out two loyal team players with lots of skill to add to that. I guess that's sports for you. TSN has said that B.C. is already shown interest in Anderson, but i'm sure most of you have already read that article.
  4. Kelvim Anderson was realeased today by the Stamps. I'm just wondering if he could possibly be an option with our needs at RB?
  5. I like Leno the Best followed by Conan. Don't usually watch the CBS shows but Kilbourne is by far the worst that I've seen, not funny at all. Letterman is good too, just that i usually watch Leno so i never really see Letterman.
  6. Als win 54-23 in Exhibition action. Calvillo threw 3 TDs and Cahoon caught 2. http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/news_story.asp?id=43707
  7. I find it interesting that you didn't even include David Aebischer on your list of possible Avs goalies. I would think that he is the most likely candidate to be starting in goal next year for the Avs. Don't quote me on this but didnt Lacroix say that they were going to start the year with Aebischer in nets? Of course GMs lie often to the media, but don't you think that it's at least a possibility the Avs don't aquire anyone in the off-season?
  8. That's 6.5 million being paid in the lockout year, do you really think the Habs will do that or do you think we will have no choice? (not saying your wrong, just wondering what you think)
  9. looks as though Pinball was putting up a smokescreen when he said that they weren't going to get Damon Allen. Now this looks like it gives Toronto the inside track at second place as Allen is still one of the better QBs in the league. http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/news_story.asp?id=43599
  10. Speaking of the Alumni game...who do you think will play for the Habs? I think it would be awesome if Roy decided to play but im not counting on it. It would be pretty tough for us to win this game though considering the Oilers Dynasty was just 15 years ago, while the Habs are going to be mostly late 70s players.
  11. <b>Puck Edit:</b> I've decided to merge all Intro threads into one mega-thread. You can still post your own introduction thread, but it will eventually be merged into this thread to lessen the clutter on the help forum BTW: Add yourself to the <a href="http://www.habsworld.net/forum/membermap.php"><b>HW Member MAP</b></a> <hr size=3 color=red> Took me a while to find this place hehe So how's everyone doing? [Edited on 2005-1-18 by puck7x]
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