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  1. Damn... Habs didn't get Admiral Jack Bar. Fire Timmins.
  2. I understand trading one of the picks for a pick next year. I don't understand trading the other pick to trade down for more picks.
  3. Habs did not draft Red Savage. Fire Timmins.
  4. You have the details of the incident completely wrong, and clearly are projecting your issues with - and lack of respect for - women here.
  5. Not shocking they'd move a pick this year for next year. Too many picks, and next year's draft projects to be better.
  6. Carolina is intent on holding up this draft at every possibility.
  7. When your significant other is actively mocking your teammate's wife for a miscarriage, you get a bit of a reputation by association.
  8. If Logan really didn't want to be picked he could have released a statement saying he won't sign an ELC with any team that selects him this year. Kinda hoping he says that tomorrow.
  9. Habs need to draft a right-handed defenseman *monkey's paw curls a finger*
  10. Ah, I wasn't forgetting I was precognitioning.
  11. Habs being rightfully lambasted by the panel.
  12. Y'all like small but talented forwards? Feast on them in bleu, blanc, et rouge!
  13. Aatu Raty is there, but I am gun shy with Habs picking Finnish forwards who stay in Finland...
  14. Took the safe pick last year. Swing for the fences!
  15. Oh my sweet summer child...
  16. Engels believes the Habs will be selecting a forward.
  17. Brook probably needs another season in Laval, but yes he is the top Habs AHL d-man prospect.
  18. Hey, remember when you were really high on Pasternak and the Bruins picked him right before the Habs could? Just bringing that up for no reason. Don't mind me.
  19. Damn, he's only 6'1"... So close to a correct prediction.
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