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  1. Cap casualty. They didn't want to trade him.
  2. Can't they buy out the remainder of his European contract? Or is that not allowed?
  3. Scheifele had an opportunity to stop the puck from going in the net with a stick check. That should be his #1 priority to stop the scoring attempt, retrieve the puck, go down the ice, score a goal, be a hero. He didn't try to stop the goal. He didn't try to win the game. He tried to hurt someone. And he succeeded.
  4. You mean they couldn't interest you in an Auston Matthews?
  5. Might want to stop going glove side on Hellebuyck, I dunno, just a thought...
  6. They already missed a forearm by Stanley on Perry just before the Staal goal. If they let that go then I have no idea what the ref saw this time.
  7. Does Brad Meier have money on the Jets? Or a secret love affair with Ehlers?
  8. I want to embrace Suzuki like he's my son.
  9. At the best of times Romanov shoots directly into shin pads. At the worst of times he makes panicky passes. But no, he has never done that exact play before.
  10. Not sure why Goose was ignoring prime shooting lanes in favour of more passes. Seems they have their set plays and they don't involve him shooting.
  11. I think he'll get over a mill, even if part of it is performance bonuses. I could see Perry saying to Dubas, "You made the wrong choice last year. Give that Simmonds' money to me this season and I'll do to other teams what I did to you in the playoffs."
  12. I love Evans. The guy skates hard, he was dropped into a position he hasn't played at an NHL level before, played a ton of minutes in that new role, and helped shut down a huge offensive threat... But I really don't think he should be playing with Danault and Gallagher against the Jets. Byron might work out there (or try hypnotizing Tatar into thinking it's a regular season game.) Evans should be stapled to the bottom 6.
  13. Yvonne does the work. Joe is the foreman.
  14. Savour the moment, of course, but we also need to look ahead.
  15. I think Gallagher has been playing a bit hurt, but also he probably just needs a goal to get back into his rhythm. He definitely appears to be thinking more going by instinct.
  16. Timmins has been running the Habs scouting since 2002. He might have gotten a title change in 2014, but he has been head scout since 2002.
  17. Well... If the Habs get a high danger shot on Campbell he should be ice cold for it at least.
  18. I tried to post the gif but couldn't make it work on mobile.
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