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  1. I want you first though ;)

    I'll give you Stream's address for a first round pick?

    *wonders whats creepier?: the fact that blaze would agree to this deal in a heartbeat or that I have stream's address...*

  2. Well I gotta say being a Lions fan its been tough. Never have sported a good team.....but I think they are on the way back to respectability. I like the players that they drafted and they showed that they were about winning when they opened up the checkbook and got some good free agents in Kyle Vanden Bosch and Nate Burleson. They have also made some tades that I feel will help them out.

    All I can really do is hope. We need a good season.....it would be about time.

    The Lions have done a solid job rebuilding their team. I was hoping they'd land Suh months ago and they did which is going to be huge for them. Finally got some weapons up front as well. Stafford is going to be awesome.

  3. I got lazy with sending lines and Alenichev was left in for all 4 games. Toronto was absolutely and unmercifully slaughtered by every team. I am amazed he wasn't pulled once.

    This IS Toronto we're talking about so not really. ;)

  4. It's great to have you back again Matthew :clap: ... please just stick around longer this time ^_^

    Thanks. I'm here to stay this time guys so don't worry. ;)

  5. Alright I've got two problems.

    A. WSH will not be in the top 3 teams in the SE

    B. Where did the Bure sig go?

    A. Don't worry about Washington. We will obliterate.

    B. Gone so I can show off my pride as a Washington Capital(Bure stuff will be back soon enough though)..... however I'd really like it if my AHL team wasn't named the Germantown Patriots(yeah I know... completely random).

  6. lol, so we'll have you back until the 'Nucks get eliminated by LA, right? :P

    That doesn't make any sense. :P

    BTW, I love how Tex wasted my three 2nds. Yeah the 2nd round sucks but at least do something with them....

  7. I already spoke with Rob about the bones of this trade. Is it an overpayment? Debatable. Sometimes the price of doing business is putting out for what you want. Tough to have this as your first trade in the game because there's always the potential for explosions, but it's better than Modano for Sturm and a 2nd. And, as noted, BuFaLLo gets the best player by a long shot.


    I remember when you gave me Belle for 3 AHL'ers. ^_^

  8. As the ONLY FAN of HWL and a proud FLYERS fan, I'd like to make it clear that we(me and my imaginary flyers fans Dick and Harry) HATE THIS TRADE!!!!!

    BTH SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!!!! :puke:

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