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  1. The Lions have done a solid job rebuilding their team. I was hoping they'd land Suh months ago and they did which is going to be huge for them. Finally got some weapons up front as well. Stafford is going to be awesome.
  2. I wouldn't disagree that Campbell takes the starter spot but this is the Raiders we're talking about.
  3. The Raiders have done quite well for their standards. However, I guess as long as JaFatass Russell is there, we'll still get a good 1st next year.
  4. Definitely a better performance tonight. Samuelsson is a beast and Demitra's back!
  5. Gotta love Belichick. Stockpiling picks is fun but I hate getting all excited just to have the pick traded away.
  6. I'm the GM of the Capitals. You've got the wrong idea unless you were joking.
  7. I was at the game. I love how we play the first 20 minutes and go to bed after that. I can't believe we traded a 3rd rounder for Andrew "I sit in a box longer than I play" Alberts... :puke:
  8. Just wanted to see how the league was holding up. Btw, I was joking about the flames thing.
  9. I thought you were a closet Flames fan?
  10. I agree with you. However I still think we can beat people on live with unlockables alone.
  11. I haven't bought anything. I've unlocked quite a few things so I just used what ever experience and unlockables I had to boost myself up. Made a big difference already. The booster packs are 240 microsoft points though and I have about that just sitting in my account that I, like Maca, have had sitting there for months. Not to mention that you have to play over 3 seasons in "Be a Pro" to unlock those damned things. Probably won't buy it still though because my guy actually has a wrister and can move now.
  12. Well you were fine then. I just boosted my guy up for next time. I was thinking about buying the power forward booster pack too.....
  13. We never did anything to boost our stats. That's why we were so weak and slow. I made sure that I'll be ready to go the next time we play.
  14. Just so you know Maca, I figured out why we sucked so bad in the team play matches....
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