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  1. Usually I would be the first person to say that we're not out of it. Last Saturday when we were down 3-0 to Colorado I didn't think we were out of the game. Tonight, I can say with complete confidence that there is no way in hell we're winning this one.
  2. Yeah, if they're gonna shoot it right at the opposing player, the least they can do is injure him!
  3. Well, I don't know how much longer the Habs can keep up this furious pace. It's nice to see them dominate like this and all, but I'm starting to worry they won't have anything left in the tank for the next game.
  4. what you're not impressed?! OH!! great chance in front for the Habs!! Keep it up boys!
  5. Wow! whatever Carbo said to the guys in the dressing room, it's working!! Nice to see the team come out with some fire! Way to go guys!!
  6. I think I should point out that Chris Higgins is not a rookie.
  7. Hopefully against Toronto on Saturday. With a little left over rage for Ottawa on Tuesday.
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