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  1. I hear what you're saying Lovett's Magnatones but the Sharks receive the Rangers’ second-round pick and a third-round pick in the 2013 draft, and a conditional second-round pick in the 2014 draft for Clowe. Those picks are not nickles IMO. That's a big draft expenditure. Kristo was a 2nd rounder at 56th in 2008. Subban was a 2nd rounder, 43rd overall in 2007 - just to name 2 players.

    ...and Clowe get traded for nickels....

  2. If we make a move I believe it will be Clowe. I doubt Doug Wilson wants to see him in Vancouver. Also, Boston just made their move. That doesn't mean the B's will not land Clowe but on the other hand, Chiarelli has just spent his prospect/pick cash to get Jagr. How willing will he be to pay again for Clowe considering we can likely up the ante on the return? The question is, do we up that ante? Also, hopefully no other team ups the ante making it more difficult for Bergevin should this be the direction we choose to go in.

  3. LOL! This is excellent work!

    I made the first part of it with the Marchand penalty on PK since they believe he embellished it. Followed by the first annoying sinster laugh. I made this especially annoying for their fans. So I hope when Habs fans watch it, they think as a B's fan would. Makes it more funny.

  4. I'm from Halifax. Sidney Crosby is a Halifax hero. Nathan McKinnon is a Halifax hero.

    ....Marchand is considered a bum by Haligonians AND he even played for the Mooseheads. It tells quite a story when a players hometown residents think he's a jerk! Even Bruin Haligonian fans think he's a jerk!

  5. I don't see MB making any more deals unless it's for a veteran D (like Sopel a few years ago) to replace Tinordi to play with Bouillon.

    It doesn't seem Diaz or Bourque are coming back any time soon.

    I believe MB has a plan to get younger, bigger, tougher and more skill through the draft.

    This years team is just gravy for that plan, they worked hard for a playoff spot, let them prove everyone wrong. MB will be able to figure out from this years playoffs who he can rely on and who he can't.


    I see us standing pat or maybe making a minor complimentary trade. This team could win it all. I'm not saying we're contenders, but moreso we could win it all if the stars align as they did for the Canes in 2006. A "chance cup" still is possible. Mortgaging the future to win it all now would jeopardize our future. Right now we are good enough to have a serious try!

  6. I don't agree on benching Chuckie. I'm confused with this notion of him struggling. I find no evidence of that. Using Gally as a measuring stick for Chuckie doesn't stand up IMO. Gallagher is a right winger & Galchenyuk is a center so the position hold different responsibilities. I've noticed on numerous occasions he is clearing the zone. He's very conscious of watching the slot & preventing backdoor plays. He's also covering the point when PK or another D pinches on the play.

    There are some tweaks & adjustments that could be made but icetime will help with this. I really like Galchenyuk's defensive game. Gallagher has been awesome in this regard as well. However, the omnipresent notion of a centermans responsibilites has taken a bit away from Chuckies offensive game. But that's OK. I'm definitely not worried about it.

    Now, I wonder if it's true that Bergevin is interested in Ryan Clowe.

  7. I will agree on one thing, Tinordi excelling early & if it continues over the next 3 or 4 games he is putting management into making a difficult decision. It opens up potential for us including a D in a trade. I doubt a vet is moved unless by some miracle some team takes Kabs. After all, D depth in the playoffs is the most important asset IMO. I'm sure Bergevin isn't upset by this. After all, these are the problems you want to have. Too much surplus. Good days before us all my Habs fans friends. Beaulieu isn't even here, Ellis, Thrower, Dietz etc etc :)

    Sorry Weber. If he's activated from IR before the deadline I see him being traded. Diaz surplus, Bouillon surplus. Tinordi & Pateryn experiments/try outs? I see Weber getting moved.

  8. Moving Kessel makes no sense at all. What return could the leafers possibly hope for? Kessel is all ready a trade disaster with Seguin & Hamilton. What is the headline going to be when they move him? Double disaster? :P Leafers in spite of their new direction should live with Kessel & look elsewhere on the roster to improve their needs. Kessel is known for lack of intensity & his lack of determination to go into the dirty areas but the Blew & White have to live with it IMO. Kulimen, Grabovski or Captain Rockstar, why not look at them?

  9. On one hand, trading PK is a recipe for disaster. On the other hand, his position will too unreasonable to another team given his low collateral. I doubt a team will offer sheet given Meehan & PK's asking price probably reaches the 4 first round pick compensation mark. I guess Subban can wait. That is unless he wants to play for the Canadiens. I think a 27.5 million contract over 5 years (cap hit: 5.5 or structured) is a fair offer. He gets some gravy & the team gets time to figure out what to do when that deal is over. Also the team doesn't over extend itself too much on cap space beyond 5 years. Everybody wins. This to me is fair

  10. I made this video after making the 1st one featuring the Leafers & Habs. So many of my FB friends & work friends wanted more. I got sort of a mini fanbase out of them. In having to use all 30 teams, some teams got the rotten end of the stick that don't deserve this. So, while you might not like some of the suggestions & you may feel offended by some of the choices, please just take it in jest.

    I posted in this thread due to the Habs & Leafers were the main inspiration for this video.

  11. I'm PVRing the game & I slowed it down frame by frame on Galchenyuk's goal. That Galchenyuk goal was sick. Ha ha. CHampagne history for the Habs tonight. I'm blown away that he was facing the shot, deflected it off of the upper blade of his stick, through his own legs & lobbed it over the goalie. It lobbed, BAHAHAHAHA.

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