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  1. I wish there was a video thread but just like last time I figured I'd place it in to the latest thread dedicated to PGT. This video is an extended version of the one imbedded in my "Habs 2019 & Vintage Tribute". It features "Point Point - All This"
  2. Recommendation of a great Christmas gift for Sens fans.
  3. I hope Weber can create the concern by opponents that he has to be covered and HOPEFULLY as a result we open up more as a result down low on powerplay
  4. True that. Oh well, let's just hope Antti delivers tonight I guess
  5. @ Commandant, Mitch Melnick just said that Niemi's record versus Edmonton career wise is over .600. Granted he was with the Mighty Hawks for a time but still, it's maybe worth noting.
  6. Juulsen good to go and is in. Alzner out. Also since Schlemko played well on Saturday, he gets promoted to unit one with Petry and Benn down on 3rd pair with Mete. Just heard on 690 Nilan Off the Cuff
  7. Go Habs Go. Keep GOING. KEEP WINNING. Word is Niemi is in goal tonight given his record vs the Oilers and Price's atrocious Edmonton record as mentioned on Off the Cuff just now it might be a good idea. But what do I know? Yes keep winning, of course BUT, even if we get a flat tire shortly there is a silver lining. I base this solely on what my expectations were without Weber helping the power play and helping on the back end. If we go 6-10-0 or 7-9-0 - 16 games from now to December 15th (when Weber is slated to return) we will be 500 on December 15th. That's a 37
  8. Hey all. I haven't been here in a while but I'm getting tired of HF and this community is smaller and far more reasonable and polite so expect to hear from me far more from now on. On another note, I just completed a new Habs tribute video. I would have placed this in a multimedia thread but I couldn't find one. Video Description: Part One is a introduction to some sad dark days with the ending of the 2017 season at the hands of the Rangers. I could have utilized footage from 2018 but it seemed more fitting to recall a playoff exit and not rand
  9. I don't mind Pleks in a utility player position which he is fairly good at. Given our cap space it's no big deal provided he doesn't get overpaid by too much
  10. Curse the networks. I live in a university dive so the building has no TV/Cable facilities (no wiring) and it's a fortune for the companies to install all the wiring innards. I wish I could find a stream to watch the UFA frenzy. And it's not worthwhile to throw money at Bell for access because I will fail to watch over 95% of what I pay for. The world is changing TSN. People are cutting the cable but what do I expect. I worked for those jerks. All they care about is money. Any who, the TSN radio networks are all airing the World Cup except for http://www.iheartradio.ca/tsn/ts
  11. Thanks Trizzak. I already had it bookmarked but due to "you never know if it will work" and having to wait until 11ET just to find out it's a failed NHL stream (not allowed in Canada) but you just confirmed for me it'll work. Cheers! Christmas NHL style part deux. And, are we going to now get the trades? Or do we have to wait 8 days for Christmas part trois?
  12. It's probably against board rules to post an illegal live stream. So instead I will ask if anyone knows of a legal stream. Little help?
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