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  1. 1 hour ago, Commandant said:

    With Dumais here is the thing. 


    Not all big players are lumbering brutes.  There are some (see Noah Warren) who are also fantastic skaters.  But if you are big and merely an average skater you can still make it in the NHL. 


    If you are small, you are already behind the eight-ball.  While more small players make the league today, they are for the most part very good skaters, or even better. Dumais isn't a bad skater, he's just very average. And without that elite or even very good skating, its hard to project a 5'8" player in the NHL. 

    Interesting. Most sources I read talk about him as a solid skater "quick" is often used, but yea the word elite is never used.

    But skating is something that can be worked on. With Dumais being such a high skill/cerebral guy, I wonder if his skating has some room to grow (from it being decent already). 

    Almost the definition of a high risk high reward pick. He's top 6 or nothing


  2. 2 minutes ago, TurdBurglar said:

    I believe size is more important as a defenceman than any other position.  It’s not saying he’s not a good defenceman, it’s saying he needs to be paired with someone with size to offset how much forwards will push him around.  I don’t believe a 5’9 defenceman would be able run a defensive pairing, as opposed to the same skill set in a bigger frame.

    You may be getting confused with Lane Hutson (the 5'8 D man, who's actually ranked anywhere from 25-60)

    I'm talking about RW Jordan Dumais

  3. Why is Jordan Dumais ranked so low? Yes, I understand size has to be the biggest thing, but size alone doesn't seem to justify his 3rd round ranking. At 5'8 (some sources say 5'9) he isn't too far off the Savoie's, Nazar's or Firkus's of this years draft. He's likely bigger than past top 15 picks like Caufield.

    The guy set Moosehead's scoring records this year, scoring 109 points in 68 games. I believe this outproduced every other CHL draft eligible in terms of both raw production and points per game other than over-ager Lucas Edmonds.

    So even accounting for size, why is this guy not considered more of a 30-50 player? But hey, if we can nab him in the 3rd with say the 75th pick, I'm all for it. 

    What am I missing?

  4. I see more in Poehling than it seems most here do. I think he has a solid chance to become a third line, 15 goal 30 point guy, who has a physical edge and is reasonable defensively. 

    In his last 2 seasons of AHL play he has 31 points in 35 games, then is his first prolonged NHL stretch he had 17 points in 57. 

    I see the Habs being improved under MSL. If healthy and a full 82 games season, I see no reason he can't reach that 15-15 mark and win over some fans 

  5. 47 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    Imagine if Hugh-Gort actually wants Wright, but has convinced NJ that they're planning to take Slafvosky? Then they can extract assets from NJ for the pick, and get they guy they wanted all along at #2. That'd be a pretty sweet bit of poker playing.

    That would be incredible 

  6. 2 minutes ago, DON said:

    Yup, seem lots of good options to pick from for sure, maybe similar to most years i suppose?

    Or if trade up; Wright1; Lambert? 20 for (26,62 to Caps)...

    Seems like Lambert could "fall" but has some elite skills, they say.

    Certainly a possibility. I’d be ok with taking that risk. Some people still see Lambert as a top 3 talent 

  7. 16 hours ago, DON said:

    I am still thinking Wright is a given at #1.


    But, big question, will Hughes patiently wait and hope couple kids fall to 26; or does he ALREADY have a plan to do what he can to preemptively jump the cue and move up into the 10-20 range...or have a plan and partner GM to go all in for a top 5 pick?

    The more I look the more I think a really nice prospect will already fall to 26. There so many potential “fallers” who I think would be great there. 

    If for example one of Ohgren, Mateychuk, Miroschnichenko, Howard or Mesar is there at 26, I think you have an awesome value pick. 

    Wright 1st

    Ohgren 26th

    Mesar 33rd

    Kyrou 62nd

    Hutson 66th


    Would be an insane draft if some potential “fallers” fell into our lap 

  8. 24 minutes ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:


    There is certainly a lot to like about Slafkovsky, size and great skill. I am just glad that I don't have to make the selection. The gap between Wright and Slafkoksky has obviously narrowed considerably. 

    I guess for me it’s still a no-brainer Wright. I’m not an expert so maybe I’m completely wrong. IMO Wright is in a different tier than the rest.


  9. Just had a thought about Wright and his potential.


    We often hear about his IQ, positioning, etc being elite. But coupled with this is that his skating wasn’t shown off as much as it could have been - sometimes he didn’t have to skate much because he was already in position. But we sometimes hear questions about his intensity on ice, likely because of this. 

    However, when you do see bursts of his skating, you see it’s high-end, as evidenced by his top 5 finish in the skills comp as well. He also seems to be a highly motivated, driven and dedicated player. 


    This leads me to believe that Wright has another gear, one that he didn’t activate often in the OHL as he was absorbing/learning the game on a position level. What if, when Wright combines the elite IQ and is forced to up his intensity (it’s the NHL after all), we see a whole new side of him, a turbo Wright.


    This is all predicated on him having that extra gear/compete. But could he surprise next year with a more explosive element to his game?


  10. 7 hours ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:

    Here is my new trade proposal. 


    To Philly

    Jeff Petry,  the #26 pick  (and maybe the #64 pick,  Philly doesn't have a 2nd rounder)


    To Montreal

    #5 pick  and James Van Riemsdyk (only has 1 year left)


    Habs use the #5 pick to get either a potential top 2 defensemen (Nemec or Jiricek) or another high end forward and JVR's contract is gone in a year. 

    I don’t feel like Petry has that much value, and at 1 year left JVR isn’t a burden. I feel like it would take a lot more, perhaps an NHL ready prospect like Ylonen and another pick.


    Petry, Ylonen, 26th, and 66th

    For JVR and 5.


    that leaves


    Anderson, 33rd, 62nd, and Harris for #2.


    I mean, it’ll never happen but it’s fun 

  11. On 6/24/2022 at 1:51 PM, GHT120 said:


    I suspect that *** IF *** the Russian invasion of Ukraine plays any role it may be more for players playing in Russia than for those who created some sense of separation by already coming to North America.

    Definitely agree, although I remember reading some anonymous executive saying something like "we won't be picking any Russians." I assume that would be with the caveat a guy like Yurov doesn't slips to the 3rd round or something silly. By that he likely means if for example Yurov and Howard are both available, he goes with Howard even if Yurov has the higher upside.

    In 5-6 years I bet we see a number of major steals in this draft. Let's hope we're one of those teams!

  12. Also, the Russian factor could pose an even bigger wrinkle this year because of the Ukraine conflict. 

    gonna be chaos imo. Watch a top 10 talent like Yurov slip past 20. I wonder if it could even affect a guy who played in North America like Mintyukov

  13. On 6/22/2022 at 9:03 PM, Commandant said:


    I had the Habs in a 2 round mock draft yesterday with a bunch of prospect people from different websites.


    I took




    Seamus Casey

    Reid Schaefer


    With the four picks in the first two rounds.

    Schaefer will probably go way higher due to his power forward build. That would actually be a really really nice haul!


    Not so bold prediction, this draft is going to be all over the place. Off the board selections and many perceived drops. 

    Outside the top 7-8, there’s a huge group of prospects that could go anywhere from say 9-30 imo.


    A guy like Ohgren could go top 10, or slip far, maybe even 26. Even though this draft isn’t considering incredible (good depth though) it’s going to be really exciting to follow imo. 

  14. 57 minutes ago, GHT120 said:

    This young fellow (BIG, RHD) seems to be rated anywhere from late first to early third ... not advocating for the Habs to draft him but he seems very mature, certainly presents himself well:



    More expressive than the average prospect that’s for sure. I always laugh/lament at how monotone many hockey players are in interviews. 


    I always caution myself from valuing a prospect because they’re charismatic though.

    Interviews are almost more of making sure there are not  any red flags in my opinion. Sort of a “ok, he seems to have his head on straight, now how’s his game. 


  15. 16 minutes ago, sim.on said:

    What are the chances that Wright does not go First?


    Lots of chatter, but it is all just click bait?


    I'm no expert but personally I want Wright, especially since he's a center.

    I’d honestly say close to 0%. There could be a team out there who likes slaf more or something, but I don’t think it’s MTL.

  16. 5 minutes ago, DON said:

    They say Gorton/Hughes have not ruled out trading up or seem open to that.

    Again, I simply hope can get 2 impact players (draft/trade) out of the four 1st round picks in 22 & 23.


    I’m hoping for the same. We need two nice players this year

  17. 1 hour ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:


    Trading up to 15 is more realistic but I definitely think Philly's #5 pick is in play as they want to improve short term with Tortorella coming on board and trading that pick is the easiest way to accomplish that. 

    Nemec please 👍🏻

  18. 1 hour ago, DON said:

    I would think trading up to, maybe 15, is more realistic?

    Yea, unless BIG pieces are involved I can’t see moving past the top 15. 

    I see moving up 5-6 places to draft a guy HuGo felt slipped and they really love.


    could be one of the big d men, (mateychuk, mintyukov or Korchinski) or a talent like Yurov who slips due to the Russian factor.


    Geekie or Lambert other guys who could slip, and if HuGo likes them, they could see for to move up.


    that’s my thoughts anyway

  19. 12 minutes ago, DON said:

    I am guessing Caufield-Suzuki are untouchable and non-starter for trading.

    Not sure i would even trade Caufield for Slafkovsky or Cooley straight up. 

    I 100% wouldn’t. We already know Caufield is a 20 (and easily potential for 30) goal scorer at the NHL level. Cooley and Slaf are still unproven at this level.

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  20. 4 hours ago, Dalhabs said:

    Would Caufield + Andersson be worth it for us to draft Slafkovsky?

    Im sure that is at least the pricetag.

    NJ gets a small 30 goal scorer and a powerforward ok for 2nd line.

    We get a potential future superstar winger.

    I personally would need the 2nd and Another nice piece to trade Caufield 

  21. 59 minutes ago, Commandant said:

    Hutsons worth the gamble but not in the first round or 33 imo

    Yea that makes sense. 33 Seems early when I think about it. EDM pick would be great. You swing there and hope you hit a Krug or Gryzelyck calibre guy

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