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  1. Thanks and no problem...

    We better win or it's on your head man.

    You crazy Montreal fans! I don't know what to do, Cataclaw, You, Brobin, The media!!!!!! Centennial season!!!!

    The pressure, MY GOD THE PRESSURE!


    You know who has a hot streak with threads? Macaskill or something like that.

    Where has he been?

    Andrei K out with the flu. D'ago in.

    F**CKIN GREAT! That blows...

  2. Hey bro, i'm as calm as a cucumber, you have no idea.

    Don't mistake my harsh language for being "ripe" or angry in real life. Far from it. If anything, it sounded like you were a little upset that i called you out on your lies.

    Anyway... as the song goes, don't start no shit it won't be no shit.

    As for the youtube link, thanks for posting that! I remember that vid back in 1996... making me nostalgic, haha. It's a hilarious vid :P

    But nah, here's a more accurate idea of me angry:

    Normal: ccnormal.jpg Angry: ccpissed.jpg And my WTF face: ccwtf.jpg

    But enough said. Let's focus on the business at hand:


    :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:

    Task at hand! Right let's do this!

    Happy B-day Kozed and thanks for straightening my shit out. Looks much better!

  3. I think Haber-ooo was trying to show he could start a Game Thread because of the altercation with Cataclaw the other day.

    Nice Haber-ooo­... now all you're left to add are the teams records, rosters, our lines, where can we watch/listen to the game, etc... you know, Game Thread stuff... :P

    Na man, just trying to help out. I can't figure out how to centre the damn crap let alone add stats and links all squared up.

    Cataclaw? I gave him a hard time last year. He gets ripe quick and I think it's funny. The guy went and checked all his threads from last year to see if he delivered and I was just messing around. :lol:

    This is how I picture Cataclaw after reading one of my posts

  4. We better win now.. you created the game thread before I could. :)

    Also, why do you have a picture of Koivu on it.. shouldn't that be Tanguay... :P

    You get the next one. Fanpuck is feeling like a bit of a bad luck charm. You can put Tanguay all over that one, but I have a feeling it will be AK bringing the goods tonight. He needs 6 goals to match Vinny, hopefully he gets them all tonight. ^_^

  5. A Montreal WIN and a Florida loss would be HUGE tonight!

    C'mon Boys... WE CAN DO IT!

    Any lineup word yet? PLEASE... C.Price in net? He's our guy, Bob, he's our guy!


    I think Gainey said he's staying with the same line-up. I can't help but feel we need BGL tonight though, even if he sits on the bench and only comes out to beat Artukinyn(sp?) head in. You can almost argue he single handedly messed up our season by taking Tangs out with the shoulder injury. He needs to pay, or at least be policed tonight so he doesn't try something again. It's too close to the play-offs and Tanguay admits he's still not in game shape.

    BGL! BGL! BGL! earn your keep!!!!

  6. $100 000 per game :)

    If only he would be into that.

    Let's talk about this. I'm sure things are going to heat up soon, especially if Minny doesn't make the play-offs.

    I will admit I don't know much about him except what I read and see on youtube. What blows my mind is all his goals are kind of the same. Wicked! wicked! hands. He's like a snake in the slot, cruises around slowly and never seems to get hit. The way he does it isn't aggressive yet the puck bounces to him undetected and he makes no mistake burying it every-time.

    He's fast as hell and hopefully fixed up with surgery. We will not really know if his injuries are behind him so that will be a chance we would take, no sense in really discussing that angle, only time will tell.

    Picture him with Tanguay. Deadly. All we need is a relatively good but cheap big hard-nose centre that is smart and we'll have a lethal #1 line.

    Now what's his story? Is he done in Minny? Will he be traded? has he vocally stated he's going to test free agency in July? What does he really want cash wise?

    I think Gainey should go hard so next year we at least know we'll have a good set of hands. Our "D" has had a bad season but I think think they'll bounce back next year and we shouldn't tinker too much there. Just sign Komi and let them grow.

    All of this can get thrown out the window should Vinny become available on draft day, but if Gainey can deal for Gaborik before the draft and sign him we could then trade him to Tampa for Vinny.

    I don't know, I would just like a good set of hands next year and I almost don't care what it costs. We are up against the cap as we stand and playing kids anyways so Gabby at a 8 mil with a bunch of kids sounds O.K to me. He will make them better.

  7. Gaborik is looking pretty good after surgery.

    4 points tonight and I believe he had 2 the other night in only his 3rd game back. I say Gainey goes for that real hard. I don't want to overpay but I can't figure out why he thinks he can get 8 mil. The guy is a 60-70 point player if you take out last years 40/40 season. How does he figure on the rumored 8 mil?????????

    What would you guys pay him?

  8. I was just looking at the standings and realized that should we make the the play-offs we have another monkey to shake off our back, as if this 3 month slump hasn't already beat down our boys mental state.

    There are four french goalies in the standings. Marty Brodeur, Marty Biron, Jose, and Marc Andre Fleury. Depending on where we end up there is a great chance we'll run into one of them in the first round. and the second, and the third.............

    Anyways, just thought I'd add to the pile stacking up against us. Boston is starting to look like a team we should be welcoming in the first round.

    O.K let's make the play-offs and then we'll worry about who's in net. :o

  9. Cube went after Artyhukin at the end of the 1 of the Habs games this year after he rubbed Cube out into the boards. I imagine the end result would have been very similar.

    Probably, but you never know with the cube he can throw them. Ever since he held more then his own with Colton Orr, I've had a lot of respect for him. I hope Gainey plays BGL on Thursday against Tampa. That is a fight I want to see.

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