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  1. The grass is always greener. I see the whiney little girls are starting to post again. How appropriate that we are playing the RAGS.
  2. Tonight our saviour will finally save us Mr. Price!!!!!!!! 1-0 HABS AK with the shoot-out goal
  3. I thought Kovy was going to drop them for a minute. I would love to see him fight.
  4. I'm diggin Lats skating and toughness. All his hard work has really been noticeable improvement since Gainey took over. 1-0 Sens
  5. I'm totally starting to understand the whole purse incident. OB is just one of those guys that has dumb stuff happen to him all the time because he's just slow and stupid. A big dopey moron!!!!! Keep him off the ice and call Weber up!
  6. ######, Are we going to get I'm mad and going to score Kovy or mad and disappear Kovy.? Pleas BGL punch out Rutuu NOW!!!!!
  7. I think everyone has been panicking and slipped back into familiar feelings of a few weeks ago after todays news. Let's hope the team is a little stronger mentally then the fans.
  8. Can't dwell on how things are looking. Gainey will find solutions, but they weren't going to happen on the first shift or first power-play. Relax. One game at a time. Focus boys ....we need these points. We have to play with the lead, we are not good down and missing our best D-man. Positive thoughts girls, Positive thoughts.
  9. BGL is the best screen we have. I totally understand what Bob was trying. What don't you get?
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