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  1. Actually, I saw the replay and Breezer had gone way in (no prob there) and Lats took the point.. so Lats was the guy who pinched. Breezy was in deep as we have seen Markov and Hammer doing lately. so I guess I will cut Lats some slack as he was "filling in" and screwed up.

    At this point, the team needs to take some offensive chances, but it might help if they shot the damn puck once in a while. I counted about 5 shots the could have had but instead they hesitated.

    Shoot the puck and go to the net.. it is not rocket science!!!!!

    It is when you approach the game like Kovy does. Not saying it's right or wrong, just saying,

  2. Just looked at the stats and this puzzles me.

    Tanguay played under 3 minutes, whereas Dandy and Kostopolo played over 5. Metro just under 5 and Higgins over 6.

    Anyone else think that is just plain stupid.

    Tangs has been arguably the most dangerous habs forward lately.

    Maybe Gainey saving them for the 2nd period assault you are about to witness ^_^

  3. I think it was Breezy, but not sure. Hammer was on the ice, then Breezy.. so not sure if their was a change in play or not...

    In any case, there were two pinches there. I don't mind a D pinching if the forwards cover, but the forward also tried to pinch instead of falling back...

    Regardless, not on the goal but Breezy coughed up the puck in the corner twice that led to scoring chances simply because he was scared to get hit. Doing the Hammer push back thing. That is freaking me out.

  4. Time to finish the season the way it started... and it begins now.

    It must, or we're doomed.

    :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:


    I'm sick of everyones comments. From Cherry to Englom to Sportsnet. Carey shut the door, Saku score some goals, Gainey get some wins, and to the cup we go so they can all put they're friggin boots in they're mouths.

    GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHO'S THE MAN???

  5. If Montreal misses the playoffs, touch wood they don't; can/will Price be sent down to Hamilton for the playoff run?

    Good question, let's hope we don't have to find out. Something tells me that this is not possible but if anybody can confirm the rules on going down once a season is over please do tell.

  6. Watching the postgame sat night, or maybe it was hotstove, either way one of the talking heads brought up a good point about the habs this season. When you think about it, a guy like Carey Price has never really faced much adversity in his short lifespan, both on and off the ice. When his whole world began crashing down a month or two ago, what does he have to lean back on to pick himself back up? When you couple that with some very questionable leadership in the room, I think you get the sense that is he is just lost right now. It's sad when you really think about it in that context, but the only thing that will turn it around is time. If I were BG I wouldn't dream of starting him again unless it was a road game in a relatively non-hostile barn, he simply can't handle a home game right now.

    If the fans truly want to help this team succeed, they would just cheer for them, all game, whenever anything good happens, just cheer. Did you see the way the team loosened up after Laps potted his first and second?!? It's easy to criticize, it takes a real fan to know what the team needs and to really support them.

    That's more like it.

    Hey MK1, I wasn't blasting you in the other thread, it's all the comments in all the threads over the past couple of weeks. I was answering your post and then just got pissed by the end of it. :angry:

  7. I completely agree. If you play Price consistently when you shouldn't be (and it has been the wrong move for the past 7-8 starts) even if he does win one tonite it does not make BG a smart man. This is just another poor decision with Price. Of course if you just keep starting him he's eventually gonna win one, that is not rationale for strong coaching ability. The only place I would dream of starting Carey would be on the road in a weak building, starting him at home is potentially setting him up for another massive failure and crushing this poor kid even more.

    Starting Carey tonight is that bad of an idea? Really?

    I do understand everyone's frustration and comments on bad nights but to flat-out call this a poor decision and to start Price on the road with a weak team is grasping at straws plus calling Gainey out for every breath he takes. Dumb! Dumb and more Dumb.

    Look. The team's mental state is bad, we all know that, we should also know that there is no simple right or wrong answer here. Just like the threads a year or two ago when everyone on these boards were calling Timmins a genius, Carey an All-Star, Koivu a champ, Higgins a 40/40 guy, Komi the next captain, Carbo the coach of the year, Big Boob a 50 goal man, In Bob we Trust, sign Kovalev now, Bruins suck, Come the frig on guys!!!!!!!!!! All this stuff can still happen you know, I'm sure you'll all let us know that you told us so too.

    Are you serious that a simple season downfall can make you want to burn the team and make Maxim Lapierre a f**ckin captain????????? What's next Latendresse for coach next year? I thought you guys wanted Higgins to be captain or was it Chipchura everyone was chirpin about 1yr ago. What a joke. I hope they turn this ship around last minute just to shut you all up. Walking up to Higgins at dinner to tell him he sucks? That's going to help.

    Cheer your team on for once when they are down, I know that's hard for most of you to do when you feel so entitled to a Stanley Cup every season.

    GO HABS GO!!!!!!!! It's that simple.

  8. Tied for eighth and final play-off spot. :o

    Just came back from Austin this weekend and can't believe what most of the threads are about plus the fact that this play-off push thread fell off the first page.

    It's our last 10 games and I encourage everyone to focus standing by our boys. We can worry about next season, next season or this summer. We need a 10 game run and go into the play-offs confident. Stranger things have happened this season so I'm not counting this run out.

    GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stay positive guys!!!!!

  9. Higgins was good in the third period, I dunno what happened to him, but he should share it with the rest of the team, did you see him lay out that Sens player?

    Ya, That was Fischer, who is not easy to bump off a puck. He was playing pissed. Hopefully it continues with rewards.

  10. Done more?

    You think that at the WJC being the goalie of Team Canada compares to being the goalie of Team Slovakia?

    With his shitty Tri-City Americans Price didnt do anything Halak didnt do with his shitty Lewiston MAINEiacs. Price's junior team lost in round 1 the last 3 out of 4 seasons he was there. Halak's only junior appearance, he swept the top seeded Cataracted almost all by himself before running into the Memorial Cup-boud Oceanics of Crosby in round 2.

    When Halak came out of junior he was sent to the ECHL and had to crawl his way out of there by dominating the league. Then he was called up to the AHL and was stuck behind FOUR goalies more hyped than him: Conklin, Deslauriers, Michaud and Danis. He outplayed them all. He had to dominate the next year again to earn an NHL call-up before Danis. 28 starts, 2.00 GAA, .932 sv%, 6 shutouts. That's a shutout less than every 5 game. He steals the starting job from Aebischer when Huet was injured. His reward? Doesnt get the last start of the year vs TO, and is sent to serve as backup to Petr Budaj at the WC...

    In comparison, when Price came out of junior he was given the starting job of the Bulldogs, the same team had carried into the playoffs for the first time in years. No Halak, no playoffs for Price to shine in.

    This isnt faith, it's facts.

    Price used favorable conditions to surpass others.

    Halak used unfavorable conditions to surpass himself.

    In the current less-than-favorable conditions the Habs are in, I want the guy who's used to fight against the odds.

    Well? Then it's Halak all the way to the Stanley Cup final.

    Look up an old thread about Halak being a "diamond in the rough". This is old news. I don't understand why the kid keeps getting the shit end of the stick, literally. He deserves a shot and I say lets's give it to him. Price can F**ckin wait. He was absolute junk tonight. If he has it in him he'll make a comeback but nobody has time for his crap right now. End of friggin story. Let's move on to Saturday, we are running out of time.

    Typical cardiac kids 10 game winning streak coming up.


    Higgins was great tonight, and Gui's skating has actually improved big time. I saw it finally tonight.

  11. That's why I feel more confident with BG, without the agents back... than without Gainey, but with the agents backs (e.g. if someone step in just before july 1st, has no plan, panicks a bit and re-sign everyone!!)

    I think Tanguay and Kostopoulos will stay almost for sure.

    about the rest, well, a guy like Cube at 1M is good to have (better than dandenault and briser) as an insurance policy.

    koivu and kovalev... it will be "fun" to see what Gainey thinks. Was Carbo right? or were those guys right?

    I'd resign the Cube regardless what many think. He pounds people. Our back end has been so soft since he went down and I miss those hits he brings.

  12. Well a few points, why is it imperative to resign the garbage on this team? Really, someone tell me why Bouillon, Brisby, Dandy, Koivu, Kovalev, Tanguay, Kosto and Komi have to be signed.

    Bouillon Brisby Dandy are worthless.

    Koivu and Kovalev have 28 goals at 10 mill. You could sign Camelari 34 goals for 6-7 mill. They have proved nothing.

    Kosto: Arguably the only player to earn a contract

    Komi: Good last year, pathetic this year. Boumeester for 7 mill or komi for 4-5 mill? I'll take Boumeester.

    Tanguay: Possibly the smartest and best player of those listed, younger but needs to stay healthy.

    So who is really a must hae player? That's 20 plus mill to spend on UFA's.

    As others stated there will be alot of teams cash strapped next year and years to come, especially when the cap goes down.

    So there are some good UFA's out there to change the culture of this team.

    There is a reason there are so many UFA's, this was BG plan, This was the year before the turnover. Unfortunately for BG, his faith in the players on this current roster has turned out to be a bad mistake, not because of the roster but many players gave up on the coach, many high proced guys haven't come to play.

    So i for one am very excited to rid the team of the garbage and start with some solid off season moves to improve the team. It will be younger, bigger, faster and with a couple of top end signings, the team should be better.

    Yup! If the cap comes down it's going to be a very slow day July 1st no question about it. I wouldn't get my panties in a knot even if we still have a bunch to sign nearing September. I think the smartest thing to do will be to wait it out and teams start to panic.

    Detroit will be in trouble, Philly and Rangers will be in trouble. When guys like Brierre are put on re-entry waivers and Gainey will have mega cap-room to start picking these guys off at half price....???????now that's what I'm talking about. We'll be praising him once again, you'll see.

    If I was Bob, I wouldn't be rushing to sign anyone either, especially this year. As far as Komi goes, it was his ruggedness we all loved. The truth is he's just not as tough as we all thought he was. I hope we can find common ground with him but he is not worth 5 mil and I hope there isn't a GM that thinks he is.

  13. Well, it looks like Carolina is the latest team to catch us. They went and friggin beat Jersey. Come on Habbers start believing in yourselves!!!!!

    We do!!!!

    Samsonov with the game winner to boot.

  14. Maxim has had a pretty good season. He's proven he can score. I wonder if he was given more responsibility how he might work out.

    When everyone was having problems they seemed to end up on his line and he would just keep chugging along. Why not turn the table and bring him up as a reward to centre Kovy and AK.

    Has it been done this year? The guy skates, hits, defensive, great attitude etc........ maybe he could pick up some garbage goals left by AK and Kovy shots. That is if they decide to shoot.


  15. Not too mention the Kost bros who have definitely regressed.

    AK is still over 20 goals and getting close to 30. If it was his first year like we all did we were calling for 50. You are bummed because you put high expectations on him.

    SK? It's only his second year, he'll find his way back up, but don't expect 30 goals and you won't be disappointed.

    It's normal for guys who get a call up or fresh off a trade to rip it up. They are running on adrenaline, excitement, nervousness, proving they're worth, impossible to keep up forever. Sorry

    I suppose the goal is to be consistent and have guys going in and out of slumps at different times while you work hard regardless. The strange thing with our guys now is that everyone, and I mean everyone slumped at the exact same time. With all of that, injuries, plus off ice crap this team became a mental train wreck. Gainey is nurturing them back. We are going to be o.k. trust me on that one. Look at Pleks, he's been the first out of the gate. Now Price and Halak. We need to get Kovy going and we will be on our way.

    His goal last night was sweet. If we had won the game we would all be praising Kovy's return and swearing we'll win the next 10 games.


  16. IN

    We upset Pittsburgh in 7 games of the conference final. Game 7 goes through 6 overtimes. Price is hot as balls at this point.

    We meet cinderella story Columbus in the final and take them out in 6 games to Win the Cup and celebrate our 100th birthday.

    MVP- Carey Price

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