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  1. After seeing his antics against Brodeur last night I find it hard to think that he has any respect for the game. If I ever see him in public Id love to give him a good hard shot in the jaw. :hlogo:
  3. That period was terrible, and to make matters worse im surrounded by a bunch of anti-habs fans here. GO HABS! :hlogo:
  4. Why KoZed, its so wide its astonishing! GOOO HABS GOOO!!!!!! :hlogo:
  5. UGH! Just watched some stupid Telus commercial with frogs and now Ive got "Its the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!" stuck in my head. Kinda fitting though. :hlogo:
  6. It sounds as though youve experienced this, arent you a dude? :hlogo:
  7. Should've done it sooooooner. I kid, BAH! GOOO HABS GOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hlogo:
  8. Yeah I had wondered that too except I know that its from an NBCHD show. It appears as though shes putting a certain article of clothing back on. :hlogo:
  9. Ive been calling him Gorgeous Gorges, and Curious Gorges. :hlogo:
  10. What was up with all the Edler/Kesler avatars and sigs all thru the season then? :hlogo:
  11. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! Glad to know that they'll only be wiping our asses instead of kicking them. :hlogo:
  12. Habs in 4 Pens in 5 Caps in 7 Rags in 7 Wings in 6 Flames in 7 Wild in 7 Ducks in 6 :hlogo:
  13. You call yourself a Nucks fan..... HABS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!! :hlogo:
  14. SPIDEY HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO HABS GO!!!! !!!!!TUO TUHS EHT HTIW ECIRP :hlogo:
  15. I know about roster upgrades, but when they were showing a clip from the supposed game 7 the sharks still had Guerin, so yeah worthless prediction. :hlogo:
  16. Unless it was Sportsnet showing clips from stock footage and not the actual sim its a dumb way to make a prediction because the Sharks still had Guerin... :hlogo:
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