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  1. 5 hours ago, DON said:

    Heard Roy looked very good, that would be nice if he has a big year in the Q and is kinda back to #1 junior draft quality play.

    Norlinder some said was bit shaky, hope just 1st game jitters and adjust to small ice. 1g1a not bad though (but i think even Rick Green could of scored on that turnover:hockey:).

     Green but not Ludwig

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  2. CapFriendly has already placed Byron on IR. Weber remains on the active roster. I wonder how long it'll take to have Weber verified as not playing next year (and potentially longer). Does this have any real meaning to the club currently?

  3. High stakes move by Bergy. I think this is a window into how badly he wants to win.


    I hope the player becomes a stud and a respected member of the community but if it doesn’t work out, the move looks brash when he simply could have traded the pick down for another 2nd rounder.

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