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  1. 44 minutes ago, Commandant said:


    We will sign a secomd/third line centre


    Suzuki, kk, evans, poehling is too young at centre imo.


    And then who comes in for injury? Vejdemo?


    Nah.  We need more depth.

    good point.


    counterpoint. Three of those centres have gone further in the playoffs than most vets. Still a good point.

  2. Just now, alfredoh2009 said:

    That is my opinion , with a veteran FO signed to help them 

    I was just looking at the depth chart. To me, this team needs to sign one high impact winger for the upcoming season and we’re ready to go. Remaining voids can be filled with players we already know.

  3. This team should be completely vaxxed by now.


    Makes me wonder if we’ll be short handed in the Cup finals due to flat earthers, Chem trail lunatics and anti vaxxers lurking on the team.

  4. 2 hours ago, johnnyhasbeen said:

    I hear Kuckerov may have cracked ribs, hit him hard and take him out of the equation. Their goalie is great but has a bad habit of looking over people blocking him instead of around or low. Shoot low when he is blocked. Maintain the course. Habs in 6. Price wins MVP but Danault deserves it. 

    This is key. Hammer this guy often and without mercy. Will take him out but may also trigger TB into doing something stupid while we grind and grind and grind our way to glory!

  5. Vegas has played a lot of hockey already. Our D could expose them to a beating they haven’t had yet.


    I also like the Fleury-Price matchup. (Did you see that first COL goal?… vintage fleury absenteeism)

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