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  1. We showed no effort tonight. Belfour did make some nice saves, but we also didn't really put alot of pressure on him either.
  2. I think Kovalev's knee is really bothering him more than he leads on about. He doesn't look the same out there. I know he's always been kind of a slow skater but it's even worse now. Why can't this team win more then two games in a row?
  3. I agree with you, I rarely watch that station. Your Bears are going to lose this weekend against the underdog BUFFALO BILLS!!!!!!!! GO BILLS!!!!! LOL
  4. Dan Jancevski is from windsor, he works out at my gym all the time. He's a good guy, pretty decent size and frame. Nice addition to Hamilton and could be a decent reserve defenceman if injuries do occur on the blueline. He was drafted by Dallas when gainey was GM, so Gainey must see something in him.
  5. I would like to get rid of Zednik and Ribeiro but as mentioned before, we wouldn't get too much for them. I think we should just keep them for another season and try and trade them during the year. Richard Zednik had an off year and I really believe that he can bounce back this year. As for Ribeiro, it will be his third full season, I say give him one more chance and then see his progress throughout the year. Kostitsyn will make the team next year and this guy will definetly help out our offensive numbers. I would like Gainey to make a move for a defenceman, such as Danny Markov.
  6. True man, anybody in that position would have put there stick out to try and redirect the shot. Most of the times in deflects up into the crowd or away from the net and then theres the bad chance that it goes into the net.
  7. that sucked, and oh all the people to score it has to be that baby Stillman. Go Devils, I hope they light up Carolina and Cam Ward. Next year should be a bit more promising, but this team still needs some help in the scoring department.
  8. Well put, i think Kostitsyn could be a valuable player in this series, if he plays. Couldn't really hurt us anyways.
  9. Exactly right those players were awesome tonight. Especially Tomas Plecanek and Alexander Perezhogin, those two guys are gonna be really good!!!!
  10. Horrible first period, awesome second period, bad third period.
  11. I really hope Kostitsyn is dressed for next game, or at least Maxime Lapierre for some energy. Did Mark Streit even play? If you had Andrei Kostitsyn he wouldn't harm the teams play cause obviously Streit and doubling Kovalev's shifts wasn't the answer.
  12. Wallin was practically tackling Huet over, you guys probably won't agree but that goal shouldn't have counted either
  13. I believe they got a break too. I say if they want to crowd Huet, montreal should keep on getting in front of Ward. Just enough to get in his way and piss him off, but not too much so we don't get called for goaltender interference. I agree with you, but remember before in the 01-02 playoffs and the 03-04 playoffs we always got outplayed and out-shot and some how came out with the victory.
  14. Brind'Amour practically pushed Huet out of the crease to get the goal.
  15. I think Kovalev should have shot that puck, he does have one of the best shots in the game. Other than that, great job by the boys to tie it up!!!
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