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  1. If we end up getting pick #3 it will feel a bit of a disappointment and a true lottery feel on who we end up getting and see his development over the years on if we ended up with a good choice. Slafkovsky, Nemec, Savoie will be one of our pick at #3. Let’s just damm win this lottery and go with Wright and tank one more year for the top Two picks in next years draft. 

    go Habs go


  2. Am I  the only one who now thinks and afraid we’re going to pick 5th-10th place in this years draft? I understand the winning is good development and Confidence for the kids but  boy we could’ve had first or second overall here with Wright or Slafkovsky.. 

  3. 3 hours ago, johnnyhasbeen said:

    Great trade. We now have replace KK with a center who can win faceoffs and score on the PP. I am loving this. Takes the pressure off of Evans to be the 2nd line replacement. 4.5 mill for 4 years. Super deal. 

    Now, can he package a couple defencemen for a top one? My main worry now.

    He will also be a big part of the Penalty Kill. Thumbs up MB, once again…

  4. 6 hours ago, Peter Puck said:

    4 games was more than I ever thought DOP would give but it is fair.


    I think this is going to make it hard for Winnipeg to win the series.  It hands them a great excuse for losing and many players will find it hard to play hard.  Its just easier to say to yourself we are losing because of the league suspended Sheifele.  The Jets will really have to buckle down and get this out of their heads if they want to win.

    I look at it different from you...  jets have lost there best player so rest of team must find another gear to make up for it. This will motivate them and push them I’m my humble opinion. I hope your right tho. 

  5. I went with Anderson, he brings a lot more to the team then his goals and total points production. his physical presence,  flying all over the ice, big hits,  fighting when he has to which offers confidence for the rest of the team. great elite power forward and can see him wearing a A  for his workmanship and leadership qualities when Byron eventually leaves. 

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  6. I actually enjoy listen to the Habs homer broadcasts on TSN, so use too listening  bias Edmonton feed over the years. When Habs are playing Oilers or Flames and I’m blacked out I’ll watch live and listen to it on TSN690 with Robertson/ Momesso, you just have to pause the live television for about 15 seconds or so to match both together,  it sounds live. 👍👊

  7. Anderson was a beast yesterday and Weber had a great game. Watched the game a second time this morning and kinda of focused on Merrill, great pose with a calmly mistake free game. 

    why is no one speaking of the two intentional elbow to the head from McDavid and one from Drisaile  in last nights game? This is getting out of hand and going unpunished from the league, refs  and our own players. Someone needs to take McDavid‘s head. 

  8. 29 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    I guess it depends on whether catching EDM requires some sort of superhuman effort. It's a 7-point spread but we have three games in hand. Not easy, but IF the Habs can finally achieve some consistency, it's not beyond the realm of possibility...

    We also play Edmonton 4 more times. Win 3  out of those 4 against the Oilers and win 2 out of 3 on the games in-hand.. that’s a 10 point swing. Very possible 

  9. 39 minutes ago, sbhatt said:

    Some of you can try to context the shit out of / pretty up ugly stats all you want, but the team still loses the big games for the same reasons over and over.  We lack high-end finishers, period...and we carry too many guys who flat-out can't score to make it up via scoring by committee on a regular basis.  I don't give a damn how  'improved' he has been in flashes since the coaching change, a forward who gets as much ice as Drouin does having only 2 goals on the season is pathetic.  We have 4 more forwards with 5 goals or less on the season...and they are not all guys who languish on the 4th line eternally either.  This is every bit as big a problem as the holes on our blueline.  I've been beating this drum for a long time, and will continue to do so, because it's true: the inability to get the 3rd goal costs us a ton of points.  I get that there are only so many top tier snipers in the league, but when you are one of the have-nots, you cannot carry a raft of guys who rarely score goals.  You need a lot of quality secondary scoring in your lineup to offset, and we don't have it.

    I agree. Anderson and toffoli have filled some of that hole you speak of but not enough which tells us it’s a bigger hole then first thought. Drouin is falling back to his usual self that all Hab fans are use too by now!  totally laziness, IQ of a 2/4 wooden board, it’s very frustrating and disappointing to witness another year of this. Lack of scoring from Suzuki and KK are also part of this problem we speak of, they could of taken a step forward with there offensive production but are idling instead so far this season...



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