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  1. Just too excitied had to tell all.... Going to three habs games this year.. Dec 20 vs ott in the lower bowl. march23 leafs in the 300s and the 25th vs leafs in the desjardin section. cant wait hope the habs kick butt!!!!!!:ghg:
  2. dags the best goal scorer??? that is a joke right?????what about Ryder? nice goal last night
  3. as habs fans the longer we keep our rooks the better we are gong to be for a very long time to come....... way togo kids!!!!!
  4. there is no way we could trade zed. just remember how well he played in the playoffs before he got hurt. too much speed and talent to tarde away imo....
  5. I just got from an old friend of mine a miny hockey stick that he got from the old forum back in '76 or '77. It is signed by the team and is in mint condition. I am not sure if it was handed out to the firast so many fans of if he bought it as a souvionor. Anyway it has all the greats on it. Just wondering if it had any money value. I know it has lots of value to me anyway. thanks just let me know.....:hlogo:
  6. over the years of following hockey i have seen the arngers do some very confusing deals, this could be another one?
  7. ok so it has no influnce on the cap and lundmark is also another right handed shot that we need....
  8. Just thought with the history that BG and the rangers have in trading with each other it would be a great trade for both teams..... anyone know how much lundmark makes this year???
  9. wondering if ti possible that we could trade dags to the rangers for jamie lundmark??? rumor has it that he is on the blocks in NY?? any thoughts? I am new to this so if I make any mistakes pls feel free to let me know.....:ghg:
  10. Imo when you have a goalie that is 3-1 u can't complain to much... yes he has let in some bad gols but he is playing well enough to get the win. On a side note the trade for theo for roberto might have paid off a little. by saying that dont get me wrong theo is the man and he will get stronger as the year goes on. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. jsut heard that zednik, dags, and komi are out for montreal and that fisher may not play and emery sagets the start in net....
  12. THANK YOU for the email i hope i will hear from u soon with the good newes that i willbe the gm of the penquins....
  13. i tried to apply to be a gm and have heard nothing back yet????? is it too late??
  14. New to this site, this is my first post. I was wondering if anyone could help me out in finding 6 tickets to March 25 against the leafs. We are driving up from NB and have tickets to the 23 game but wanted to watch both. If anyone can help me out even with a couple tickects that would be great. thanks. willing to pay top dollar, just not 50% more. LOL
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