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  1. Just now, Habsfan89 said:

    Typical but wouldn’t u just test what you got from your youth then gamble on him? This is the type of thing’s I get tired of seeing. If you’re going to go with youth go with youth. 


    I suspect the injuries played a role here.  We just called up Dale Weise.  Wouldn't you rather Kovalchuk in the lineup than him? 

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  2. 18 hours ago, Trizzak said:




    "I believe others can treat you improperly without any repercussions, and if you voice your displeasure you're problematic."


    "I don't need to actually consider a side of the story that challenges my preconceived notions."


    "Life is good when I don't need compassion for other people's strife."


    "I judge groups that challenge me by their worst persons because it's easy and makes me feel better for not growing."


    "Taking in information from many sources is a "bubble," ignoring others is what makes you truly free."


    "Don't shine a light on ignorance and hate, and don't fight for what you believe in. Just ignore it and hope it will eventually go away while they get the spotlight."


    and finally:



    "You being fed up with my uncaring attitude is the only thing I'll latch on to from this experience so I can continue to dismiss anyone who dares to question my world view."


    - a dramatic reenactment by We, the Privileged Many


    Hate this conversation, but absolutely love this post.  Well done.  

  3. 12 minutes ago, Commandant said:


    I dont see Ceci as an upgrade. 


    Whether they had to move him or not, Kerfoot is a downgrade, and Barrie just replaces Gardiner who is gone... he plays the other side so that balances them better. 

    Still gonna have issues though as Ceci, Barrie will both be UFA next year (if the one year 4.5 million contract rumour for Ceci is believed), and their cap situation won't get better. 


    Muzzin will be UFA next offseason as well I believe.  

  4. 3 minutes ago, huzer said:


    What contending team would want Niemi? Every other player on that list has term left, and Benn/Schlemko are scrap heaps on the Habs defense...again, what contender wants them? Patches and Shaw, I don't think anyone realistically thought they were moving at the deadline.


    People expect so much every deadline. Expectactions are just unrealistic.



    If Morrow can fetch a 4th and Reilly can fetch a 5th I have a hard time believing that Benn and, to a lesser extent, Schlemko would have no value.  I get that moving Alzner would've been difficult, but with all our picks, he could've been packaged with one to a team with cap space to get the contract off the books.  It's not that unheard of.  

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