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  1. 2022 1st top-10 protected. If top 10 it becomes a 1st in 2023 plus Calgary's 4th.
  2. Deal seems to make sense for both teams - a bit surprised the Habs had to kick in the extra pick in the deal. If anything I figured Columbus would have to add to Anderson to get Domi.
  3. Great to see this. Now perhaps the Captain needs to have a conversation with Ryan Poehling.
  4. suspect that also means that Petry stays put
  5. thompson for a 5th says Elliotte Friedman
  6. So this turned into a brilliant deal. Bergevin turns a 4th rounder in 2020 - into a 2nd rounder in 2020 and a conditional 4th in 2021. Good luck to the MB haters trying to find something to criticize here.
  7. but we're not talking about playing kids. We're talking about Dale freaking Wiese. Sign me up for Kovalchuk over him.
  8. I suspect the injuries played a role here. We just called up Dale Weise. Wouldn't you rather Kovalchuk in the lineup than him?
  9. who knows what he has left, but can't argue with the cost.
  10. Wanted him when he was initially dealt to Buffalo. Obviously his stock has lost some of its shine the last two years, but getting him at such a reasonable cost seems a very worthwhile gamble by Bergevin.
  11. Interesting story in the Athletic today about Jake Gardiner where he mentions turning down a multiple year deal from Montreal at around $5 million per year, on July 3rd. Have to wonder what the offseason would've looked like had he signed...
  12. Hate this conversation, but absolutely love this post. Well done.
  13. 42-26-7-7 = 98 points 4th Atlantic 6th East 266 goals
  14. Meaning that once again, if you're outside of the Quebec market, you're screwed.
  15. Muzzin will be UFA next offseason as well I believe.
  16. Dundon just confirmed to Pierre Lebrun that the Canes will match the offer sheet. That was fun while it lasted...
  17. Aho! Wow kudos to MB for having the stones to try this.
  18. Devils signed Wayne Simmonds, so at least we dodge that particular bullet.
  19. 35-31-8-8 78 points 5th in the division 10th in the conference 221 goals
  20. If Morrow can fetch a 4th and Reilly can fetch a 5th I have a hard time believing that Benn and, to a lesser extent, Schlemko would have no value. I get that moving Alzner would've been difficult, but with all our picks, he could've been packaged with one to a team with cap space to get the contract off the books. It's not that unheard of.
  21. So MB had Niemi, Benn, Schlemko, Alzner, Pacioretty, Shaw and more that he could've dealt, but he finishes the day having moved only Plekanec, Morrow and Jerabek. Very disappointing deadline from a very disappointing GM.
  22. And apparently we're done.... so Jerabek/Morrow out, Reilly in and Benn/Schlemko remain. Very underwhelming.
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