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  1. Looks like Price may have had a setback.  He's speaking to media soon, but not skating today or tomorrow.  Sounds ominous.  Hopefully not a long-term injury, although Lindgren playing so well certainly helps soften the potential blow (somewhat). 

  2. 21 hours ago, JoeLassister said:

    The world is trending toward eliminating paper and the surcharge IS the way to go.  Won't wait for old people to all die before moving on, so I don't mind at all the surcharge right now. In fact, thoses extra fees should have happened 2-3 years ago, when we became able to scan tickets­ at the Bell Centre.


    I think there's a better way to do this without making it seem that those wanting paper tickets are getting screwed.  Especially when you're talking about a demographic (seniors) which is growing so rapidly.  We now have more people in Canada who are over 65, then there are kids under 15.  


    Why not keep the ticket prices the same, but offer a slight discount for individuals to receive them electronically.  Puts the onus on people to make an environmentally friendly choice, without directly disadvantaging someone who might not have computer access or a level of comfort to take advantage of electronic tickets.  

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  3. 19 minutes ago, sbhatt said:


    At this point, you have to think he has all of his eggs in the Thornton band-aid solution basket.  If not, this team is going to be terrible at center yet again next season.


    Lets hope not. Thornton just re-upped with SJ for one year. 

  4. So with McCarron, my count puts us at 25 players...













    Extras:  Flynn, Martinsen, McCarron, Davidson, Nesterov, Montoya

  5. So if true that the Habs are done, doesn't it feel like we have too many roster players at the moment?  Wondering if there is another shoe to drop...


    Assume McCarron goes back to the AHL, but doesn't that still leave us heavy?

  6. 4 minutes ago, Stogey24 said:

    A big move is coming. there is no way Beregvin only adds to the bottom 6. 


    My thinking as well.  Too many pieces at the bottom end of the roster.  Wondering if we could see something like McCarron, Andrighetto, Beaulieu and a 1st for Duchene.  Maybe that's not enough, but something has to give here.  

  7. I think the issue is more the question of whether the team has been hiding the severity of Carey's injury. If so, you have to ask what would the motivation would be.

    No question that regardless of tickets already being sold, if they had announced in December that Carey was out for the year, it would still have affected the teams bottom line.

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