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HabsWorld Forum's simple rules for success

The Montreal Canadiens franchise is one of the most respected organizations in sports. Its legacy and renown reach people from many countries around the world. HabsWorld was created with this in mind, to create a website where fans from all around the world could come and meet, and express their passion for their cherished team.

The HabsWorld Community Project was created in 2002, and its first message board opened on May 12, 2003. The main website was launched a couple months later, on October 6. The Project was started from scratch and was built by an enthusiastic team of Habs Fans. Over the years, nearly 100 Habs Fans have contributed articles, translations, drawing, programming, designing and more to this Community. The typical contributor is a University student or recent graduate in journalism or administration, or simply fans who want to share their passion and perspective on the franchise. HabsWorld is an occasion for fans to use their skills in various areas while showing their passion for their favourite team.

By joining us here at HabsWorld, you are becoming a member of one of the greatest fan communities on the internet. It was created by Habs fans, for Habs Fans. The Forum was setup the most friendly possible. With limited ads, spam-free politics, and a great moderator team, the HW Forum is a great place to talk hockey.

Here are the simple guidelines that help make HabsWorld a harmonious Forum:


  1. Have fun! We're here to have fun and talk hockey, not to fight with each other.
  2. Respect your fellow members. Personal attacks and flaming will not be tolerated.
  3. No racism. Especially in a world-wide community such as this, racism of any kind will not be tolerated.
  4. Keep language within reason. We employ a filter to help deal with this. Members who attempt to circumvent the word filter will have their account locked for 1 day or more, depending on the recidivism.
  5. No sexual content or links. No sexually suggestive or sexually oriented image/content will be accepted. This is a hockey forum, not a models or porn site.
  6. No spamming. Do not post links to BS websites or repeatedly post links to your own site.
  7. Quality before Quantity. Don't pad your post count with irrelevant messages or repeating the same messages over and over again.
  8. One account per user. Violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban.

Posting tips

Other basic guidelines can be found here. These are just general posting tips that will only get you in trouble if you repeatedly don't follow them.Rules and guidelines might be edited as required. HW Admins reserve the right to delete/edit your account/posts at any time. When it comes to enforcing the rules, our mods team tries to be as fair as possible. Minor violations can result in warnings and brief suspensions. More serious violations or repeated violations can result in longer suspensions or permanent bans. We don't like having to do that kind of stuff, so please don't make us. Thank you for your cooperation and have fun!

Note about privacy

HabsWorld doesn't collect personal data or information for any purpose other than the customization of the forum. The Facebook and Twitter application have been integrated in version 3 of this forum software as a way to make it easier for members to log-in and/or share information. Our Chat software keeps a log archive for 30 days, for moderation purpose. The same Forum rules apply in the Chat room, and members can report inappropriate activity to the moderators team.

If you have any technical trouble registering, please email b.larose@habsworld.net.

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