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Navigation Tips

1) For a quick recap of the day's posts use this link : View New Posts

(Also located on the top of the page "View New Posts" )

2) To goto the first-unread message of a thread press the link in the "Last Action" area entitled"Last post by." If you click on the username near that, you will go to that user's profile.

Posting Tips

1) Before starting a new thread, please check to see if there is already a thread about it. (For example, if there is a thread about the draft, do NOT start a new thread for each draft pick.)

2) Before you start a thread, make sure it is in the correct forum. i.e. Habs Talk, NHL Talk, etc.

3) To make your posts more user friendly, please use at least some puncuation and/or capital letters. It is too difficult for users to read posts which are one, long run-on sentence.

4) Please post topics in the correct forum. Threads about the Habs belong in the Habs Talk forum. Threads about other teams/players belong in the NHL Talk forum. Non-hockey related posts go in the Lounge forum. We also have a Help Forum and a Prospects forum.

5) Unless it is major news, do NOT post thread titles in all caps. Same goes for text in a post.

6) Only post rumors from other sites in the Permanent Rumor Thread. Here's the link.

Customization TIPS

1) To edit your post click the blue "edit" button located at the bottom right of the post.

2) To edit your profile/settings click on the "My Controls" link at the top of the page. (You can change many settings such as "posts per page" , "threads per page" , or you can add an avatar etc.)

Special Features

1) To check if you have any new "PM" (Personal Messenger) messages, look in the top-right corner (if you have a new message it will tell you).

2) In case you were wondering : We have a few restricted access boards on the forum that only certain users can access, but dont worry you're not missing much (it's mostly technical stuff for the future-site/current-board).

Teams logos

MTL.gifYou want to show a team logo on your message? Click "Insert an Image" and put this simple URL: http://www.habsworld.net/forum/logo/ ??? .gif

Here are the teams, file name:


Have any questions that I didn't already answer? Just ask!

This list can also be found in it's permanant home, in the "About HW / Help" Forum.

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Another "tip" (well a rule actually) that I mention time to time...

Please do not hot-link images from other websites (unless you own that site) ... Instead use a free image host such as ( http://imageshack.us/ ) .. Hot-linking images leeches bandwidth, and bandwidth is expensive, especially if your linking from small sites. Of course this goes without saying but... Never hotlink HW images on other forums.


What is Hotlinking? Its when you code it so an image from an external site will load on your site/forum/whatever. Pretty simple to understand, but yet alot of you still dont.

Example: You see a picture on TSN.ca that you'd like to use on the HW forum. So you copy the TSN URL and post the image (with img tags) on HW <b>THIS IS WRONG, DO NOT DO THIS!</b>. Its alright to post JUST the LINK to an image on another site, just do NOT make the image load on our forum.

Thanks (now actually start following the rules, okay?)

[Edited on 2005-6-13 by puck7x]

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