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  1. Sounds like an exciting game... ... or maybe its just that both goalies arent playing very well.
  2. Here's my crappy report. Sorry, but the place was packed. If anyone has any questions just go ahead ans ask.... http://www.habsworld.net/article.php?id=1178 Grabovsky looked pretty good to me, (did not mention in article). He just needs to stop trying to dangle so much and make simpler plays. Latendresse did not do anything of note, I think the trick with him is that he plays to the level of the players he's on a line with (today he was with nobodys).
  3. I bet the other team is not even the Habs. Its probably LA or something.
  4. EAST (1)Ottawa vs. (4)Buffalo: Ottawa in 6 (2)Carolina vs. (3)New Jersey: New Jersey in 4 WEST (5)San Jose vs. (8)Edmonton: Edmonton in 7 (6)Anaheim vs. (7)Colorado: Anaheim in 6
  5. Arcade Fire is awesome, they actually opened for U2 in Montreal, I liked them before this, but seeing them live made me like them even more (And they are huge U2 fans, so ha!) , those guys are really intense performers, you could fill buckets with sweat from what they leave on the stage after a set.
  6. haha, did anyone catch Ron McLean's comments on CBC just now about Theodore? Saying how he was spectacular today and that... and I quote... "Pierre Lacroix has done it again!" Give me a break. Theodore is no Roy, Theodore still looks shakey. He's hardly been tested, many of the shots he faced today were low percentage ones.
  7. Yeah, I just noticed that. He replaces Sundstrom In > Begin, Downey Out > Streit, Sundstrom Well, we're getting a grittier lineup tonight, thats for sure.
  8. Just a few minutes till gametime... Lets see what happens. JUST WIN HABS! Its simple really. Boxscore: http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/boxscore?gid=2006043007 Nice to see Begin's name back there (Streit is out). GO HABS GO!
  9. Nooo... ! HOW CAN YOU TELL?! Thanks for pointing out the obvious, lol. As if I'd be able to find a picture of a guy holding a chocolate cake with the words "Go Habs Go" written on it online.
  10. Not liking U2 seems to be the "hip thing" to do. , though I guess you have your reasons. Dont get me wrong, I'm into alot of different types of music (though mainly alt rock, rock, metal, like you) .... I dont really have enough free time to take an interest or discover any underground stuff, its mainly mainstream. Personally I cant stand people who "hate mainstream" and only like bands that only they have heard of (and then stop liking them once they become popular). Arrogant pricks! ... I'm not saying your like this, I'm just ranting... Cant people just like music that sounds good to them? Who cares if the band is popular, or if the lead singer has an enormous ego and thinks he can save the world (Bono).
  11. Alright everyone, here is your cake as promised! I hope everyone brought plates and forks! Dig in! (Not me by the way, I've got hair on my head) :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:
  12. God choice, I'd probably also pick The Joshua Tree as my favourite. How can you go wrong with an album that has "Streets has no names" , "Still havent found... " , "With or without you" , and "Bullet the blue sky" on it. U2 gets alot of shit from alot of people, for alot of reasons. But they'll always be one of my favourite bands, the U2 concert I saw last November at the Bell Centre was probably the best concert I've ever seen, just an awesome freaking experience, they can still really put on a show. What an atmosphere.
  13. I agree, the NHL isnt smart enough to keep a "conspiracy" like that a secret, the media would find out about it for sure! The NHL (refs) is just incompetent, thats the problem. thats always been the problem, the refs need to improve. They have to stop missing key penalty calls.
  14. Its not like we have any reason to be upset though... Since we do "borrow" alot of content from Canadiens.com.
  15. Alright HW, show me what you've got! Last time the habs were in the playoffs the HW Forum gamethreads broke all sorts of (then) forum records! Lets do it again... oh yeah... GO HABS GO! Lets shock the Canes early!
  16. EAST (1)Ottawa vs. (8)Tampa Bay: Ottawa in 4 (2)Carolina vs. (7)Montreal: Carolina in 6 (3)New Jersey vs. (6)NY Rangers: New Jersey in 5 (4)Buffalo vs. (5)Philadelphia: Buffalo in 7 WEST (1)Detroit vs. (8)Edmonton: Detroit in 6 (2)Dallas vs. (7)Colorado: Dallas in 5 (3)Calgary vs. (6)Anaheim: Anaheim in 7 (4)Nashville vs. (5)San Jose: San Jose in 6 Not so sure about that Anaheim pick, but I wanted to switch it up from what alot of people were picking.
  17. Yes, you get a refund. You just need to mail back your tickets (with your order/user #'s) to the admission office. I usually use registered mail for this, why take a chance and have it get lost in the mail. Once Admission receives your tickets they will credit your credit-card.
  18. Schedules are out! http://www.nhl.com/news/2006/04/269288.html Game 1: Saturday, April 22nd 7:00 PM Montreal at Carolina CBC, RDS Game 2: Monday, April 24th 7:00 PM Montreal at Carolina CBC, RDS Game 3: Wednesday, April 26th 7:00 PM Carolina at Montreal CBC, RDS Game 4: Friday, April 28th 7:00 PM Carolina at Montreal CBC, RDS Game 5: Sunday, April 30th 7:30 PM Montreal at Carolina CBC, RDS (If necessary) Game 6: Tuesday, May 2nd 7:00 PM Carolina at Montreal CBC, RDS (If necessary) Game 7: Thursday, May 4th 7:00 PM Montreal at Carolina CBC, RDS (If necessary)
  19. Canes Depth LEFT WING Cory Stillman Ray Whitney Andrew Ladd Erik Cole *IR CENTER Eric Staal Rod Brind'Amour Doug Weight Josef Vasicek Kevyn Adams RIGHT WING Justin Williams Mark Recchi Craig Adams Matt Cullen Chad LaRose DEFENSE Bret Hedican Niclas Wallin Aaron Ward Frantisek Kaberle Mike Commodore Oleg Tverdovsky Glen Wesley Anton Babchuk GOALTENDING Martin Gerber Cam Ward (The chart is from yahoo, with some names added by me... so its a bit off most likely... I put it together quickly) Well, the offense is definitely Carolina's strenght, its downright scary. The D on paper looks very weak, and when you look at their total goals against I guess it is true, they've got no stars on D, but they are strong as a unit of 6. The Canes dont win alot of 2-1 games, they win 6-4 games.
  20. You know, IF we someone manage to get by the Canes and into the 2nd round (I'm not taking anything for granted, its going to be really really tough) , the Sens would be the best opponent possible for the Habs to face in my opinion. Cause the way things are shaping up it looks like NJ should have no trouble with NYR (The Devils are on fire, Brodeur is the most clutch goalie in the world, the Devils have more playoff experience then pretty much any team) and I'm guessing the Sabres squeak by the Flyers... which means the Sens/Sabres/Flyers advance to round #2. Of those teams if your the habs who would you rather face? We've had tons of trouble with the Devils and Sabres, those teams are incredibly frustrating to face, I'll take the Sens thanks. ... though, I am really really getting ahead of myself. Tampa could beat the Sens, the Rangers could beat the Devils and we might get swept in 4, stranger things have happened.
  21. (Not a game thread... spidey can start one at a later date) Round #1: Montreal Canadiens vs Carolina Hurricanes Record vs the Canes this year: 0-4-0 Goals for / Goals againsts: 25-9 for Canes So... looks we got spanked this year by Carolina in the regular season. So that means we're screwed in round-1 right? Well, I'm not so sure about that. Lets take a look at some facts... Fact: Theodore started 3/4 of those games for the habs (Abby started the last one), including a 7-3 loss, and an 8-2 loss (Huet replaced him in both games). Theodore was playing his worst hockey of the year at this point (the 2nd and 3rd games vs the Canes) and put the habs out of the game before they even had a chance to get in it. Fact: We played without Markov and/or Kovalev for at least 2 of those games... I think we all know just how important these players are to the team. We're basically 100% healthy now (Begin will definitely be ready for game #1 in my opinion) Fact: habs killer Eric Cole is injured, and will not start the playoffs (unknown when he returns) Fact: The Canes have had a very average finish to the season, while the habs (aside from the last 2 games) have been on fire. So what does this all mean? Nothing. The playoffs are a whole new season, thats the point I'm trying to make... I'm just saying, that anyone who thinks we dont have a shot of beating the Canes is crazy... Anything can happen in the playoffs. So... predictions anyone?
  22. Hmmm, well that sucked. Okay, positives... positives.... Well, by losing we did not hurt our draft position (We pick 16th overall, unless we win the cup, then we get #30).... And maybe this loss will serve as a wakeup call to the habs players before the playoffs, STOP GIVING UP BIG LEADS!. anyways... we're the underdogs going into round-1, but it was the same story the last 2 first round series we had, and we all know what happened in those.
  23. I hate playing the Devils, they are such a frustrating team to play against. But credit to the habs for not giving up tonight when it was 3-0. Damn Brodeur, he always brings his "A" game to Montreal, I hate it. Why cant he take a night off for a change? (I guess thats why he's the best)
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