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  1. I expect to be thoroughly embarrassed in the first round…
  2. The habs can’t really handle Edmonton when they are flying... nor Toronto...
  3. Well only a matter of time.. habs playing defence to protect a lead...
  4. Yes... I would have tried to unload price and Weber for prospects and picks... but it will never happen. Bergevin does just enough to be on the bubble and getting nowhere. If he thinks that trade was all we needed to compete he is smoking something powerful.
  5. Lol... whoops... well maybe we should try him...
  6. Well I stated my opinion a few weeks ago... Bergeron should have done a rebuild... lose bad, get good draft positions, trade the stars... he choice to add fading stars as bandaids... he seemed to think this team was a veteran or two away from being a contender... He is wrong... we need a new GM, IMO. Honestly, this team would be near bottom if we had the old divisions.
  7. Leafs have the talent to crank it up and pot a few... this was a long shot to win... leafs are a much more talented team.
  8. So I counted a single shift where the habs had any real offensive pressure.. they are lucky to get out of this period tied.. I hope they havE a better 2nd.
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