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  1. And somehow he keeps his job… how many times can he fire a coach without getting fired himself.. he hired these coaches..
  2. Islanders have some goal scorers… what a shot.
  3. lol… yeah watching this shit show can’t be helping…
  4. Here is a link… https://www.tsn.ca/montreal-canadiens-carey-price-dominique-ducharme-1.1715124
  5. Apparently Price will be exiting the player support program this weekend. No confirmed date for his actual return. I assume he still needs conditioning time. Frankly I hope they don’t rush him but it will be nice to see him back with the team. Maybe that will spark a few players to step up a bit.
  6. Well a loss to the ducks…anyone still think this season is salvageable?
  7. Well not sure I mind that goal by Getz… it was damn pretty and the habs blew several chances earlier.
  8. Well this game is down the toilet…all kings…
  9. yeah… I would be fine if he was that top defence defenceman but he is often out of position or let’s people sneak by. Like Caufield I worry about their confidence.
  10. Romanov worries me… he just hasn’t stepped up and shown he is a top D prospect…
  11. Wow LA can just walk right in on Allen.. defence is brutal… Good thing Allen is playing great… they need to fix this D if they want any hope of making the playoffs..
  12. So Perreault is our new top scorer? Sorry I missed that!
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