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  1. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/34629012/nhl-star-defenseman-free-agent-pk-subban-33-announces-retirement That is surprising. Who would have thought he would only play one year longer then Weber.
  2. And somehow he keeps his job… how many times can he fire a coach without getting fired himself.. he hired these coaches..
  3. Islanders have some goal scorers… what a shot.
  4. lol… yeah watching this shit show can’t be helping…
  5. Here is a link… https://www.tsn.ca/montreal-canadiens-carey-price-dominique-ducharme-1.1715124
  6. Apparently Price will be exiting the player support program this weekend. No confirmed date for his actual return. I assume he still needs conditioning time. Frankly I hope they don’t rush him but it will be nice to see him back with the team. Maybe that will spark a few players to step up a bit.
  7. Well a loss to the ducks…anyone still think this season is salvageable?
  8. Well not sure I mind that goal by Getz… it was damn pretty and the habs blew several chances earlier.
  9. Well this game is down the toilet…all kings…
  10. yeah… I would be fine if he was that top defence defenceman but he is often out of position or let’s people sneak by. Like Caufield I worry about their confidence.
  11. Romanov worries me… he just hasn’t stepped up and shown he is a top D prospect…
  12. Wow LA can just walk right in on Allen.. defence is brutal… Good thing Allen is playing great… they need to fix this D if they want any hope of making the playoffs..
  13. So Perreault is our new top scorer? Sorry I missed that!
  14. I wouldn’ t trust him with that, not because he wouldn’t do his best but because his best isn’t good enough. I really don’t want him extended for the draft. I would want a new GM to Have time to revamp the scouting team long before the draft.
  15. I don’t know.. migraines are less painful then watching their defensive game…
  16. It still amazes me that if Bergevin leaves it is because he wants more money and not because Molson told him to get the hell out of the building..
  17. While I expected a bit of Stanley cup hangover, this is getting a bit much… lost too many key players off an already bubble team…
  18. Habs are losing too many one on one battles.. that is what happens when your talent level is a step below the other team. looking like another loss… Canes have all the jump now.. Allen can’t get more then a goal to work with.
  19. Well that is what you get with three turnovers and zero defence… handed the kid the goal..
  20. Finally… someone at the net and some strong puck work
  21. It he wasn’t really in the crease and a player is allowed to stand there… even the tsn panel were perplexed..
  22. Anyone else using bilasport… if feeds ads well but I am lucky to get ten minutes and then it dumps me to more ads and I have to start over to get a few more minutes of hockey..
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