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  1. Well its a different take on comic book people, that's a draw for me. Although comic book movies have been moving in that direction, isolation of the hero, like he's doing a job that he despises wishing he was something different, uses his 'emo' for something else.
  2. Really? Its good? I tried watching the first one.
  3. Wasn't hijacking, just got the two confused. sorry
  4. Whatever that guy is a psychopath with his village in Florida which I believe is illegal.
  5. One question, why change the team up? Nothing is wrong with this team. Yeah there's some holes, but no team is solid.
  6. It did? Damn, well that sucks. Maybe in England he could find a spare. lol
  7. countdown to the return of Stealth, 9 days.
  8. RIP TIGERS STADIUM It died today 1912-2008 damn you crazy dominoes guy!
  9. St. Louis is like that in the media, if somebody is shot its always 'North County' or 'North City' or East St. Louis (when they could be talking about outlying areas) denoting race usually. Although I swear nobody lives in North St. Louis anymore. Its so bad, its good. LOL
  10. But how is it creepy? Everybody would know that's de Gaulle as the shadow. The hat, The hat. lol the hat, big ears and giant huge enormous nose. lol Here's another anti-Guallist poster again big nose, hat and ears
  11. Cool. Okay, Kafka goes bye bye. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_1968 Modern Version as Sarkozy as the guy in the shadow. http://www.crearea.fr/images/jeune68-1%20copie.jpg
  12. I have no idea, me thinks the oppressive Gaullists are out to get me.. *starts singing The Internationale and Peat Bog Soldiers*
  13. No of course not. People got scared of the big scary man in a Charles de Gaulle outfit.
  14. It went missing, people don't know their French history...
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