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Which Canadian teams will advance to the 2nd round?


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Van will beat Cal

==> Cal had their chance to seal the deal at home and lost, its Van's mometum now!!

Ott will beat Tor

==> Just a hunch here. As long as they can score once on Belfour they'll win. HE seems to have the confidence of bull, but after that one goal he lets in, he falls!!!

Mon will beat Bos

==> AS long as MOntreal plays the way they have been for the past two games they'll win. Raycroft looks real shaky and the confidence has got to go to the habs; however, if the habs get over confident, they'll lose. But I am betting on that they will not let it go to their heads. I thnk CJ has more control over his guys than that!!!

Go habs Go!!!!

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