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  1. I find that most calls on most nights to both sides are a little bit sketchy. Let's just remove the refs and instead use a magic 8 ball with a random player and random penalty. I think it would serve the same purpose and no one can argue the call because it's random.
  2. Hello all! It's been a long time since I have been on this forum. I have read and followed for quite a while and want to get back to discussing jabs with knowledgeable fans. That being said I always enjoy the habs bruins games and the intensity they typically bring. Glad price is back as well!
  3. I wouldn't mind the Devils, or anyone for that matter. Tonight shows nothing, except what we look like without any puck supoprt, lack of break out passes, and lack of physical game. Was there even a hit in the game? I don't remember any! We'll bounce back anyway, it had nothing to do with Brodeur. Playoff excited!!! :hlogo:
  4. ROFL !! Best story I've heard yet! DIE HARD FOR SURE
  5. I have never seen a goalie with so many technical faults and to be considered a starter! At first I thought Theo was back, then I realized, Theo has a better technical game. OUCH!!! Just a couple of the things I noticed: 1) Stance was way too wide, can't move that way! 2) Balance, nuff said 3) Positioning, shot goes off the end boards you kinda think the first step is to get set up for where the puck is going.... that is if you want to stop it 4) Following the puck into the body and around the rink!! 5) Recovery Just a few, there are many more that we noticed, but I don't want to write an essay. In short, Aebi has some work to do, I do hope it was nerves though. I mean following the Huet show on a new team is really tough. We have found that we do not have a platoon system, we have a #1 and a backup: Huet and Aebi respectively at least not for now. So on the plus, MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY, MMMMOOOONNNNNEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!! (Think of the apprentice!!) True true, there was more than just goaltending issues tonight. The bum system is actually catchy!! But where does Kovy fit?? Another misfit for sure, lots of stick skill, but not enough brains to pull it off!!
  6. I am not saying that we have no trade bait. I am saying that: 1) We want to keep MOST of the bait we have 2) Even if a trade happened to alleviate us of Zeds, or Sunny, or Bulis, it isn't going to get us a cup and probably won't get us any closer anyway. Its going to be like a Kovy thing, we make a trade and wow weeeee we are all going to go nuts and win the cup!!!! When in reality, it won't happen b/c of trade and they'll probably slump into the hole like the rest of the gang!
  7. Man oh man! Trading Theo. This truly must be fantasy land for lots of habs fans. THEO HAS ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO TRADE VALUE!!!! Whether we like it or not, we are stuck with him. I think instead of looking for the HOLY SAVIOUR OF HOCKEY to come our way in exchange for Theo and other old used washed up rags called players, we need to really suck it up. Its not EASports, its reality. We need to question what caused Theo to lose his confidence. Is that not the root of the issue? This team has issues and rebuilding isn't fun, but if after 13 years of rebuilding, we never got it right anywhere down the line, then simply put, continue to rebuild. There is no other option and the problems stem deeper than Theo as well. So simply put, a trade will not get us the cup, a series of smart trades may, but who in their right mind wants to trade with us!? In order for a trade to occur there must be something of VALUE for BOTH SIDES!!! We have NO VALUE!! Or at least where we have value thats what we want to keep. I am not even going to touch on Theo's outrageous salary, I mean you would think it was self-evident why no one would bite, but I guess not. No trade is going to save us, look at the Kovy trade, man was that a joke or what. How many people thought wow, we have a star player... Where because I haven't seen one on our team yet!!! Lets just PLEASE put the trade talk to rest and just ride this wave out, PLEASE!!!
  8. I don't like making predictions. I am always scared to say the habs will win and feel better if I think they won't. That way I am pleasently surprised. But my BAD predictions of the habs losing usually are right. Here's hoping for a solid team effort from the net out!! Go Habs Go!!!
  9. It is true. I know and feel we have a good team. Even at the beginning of the season we were winning, but I wasn't too happy, b/c I knew we could still do better. Its a young team and time will help heal all wounds. Gainey has been patient and still is. I think b/c of it we will be a better team. Every season, the same thing, call for a trade, call for a trade and where has that got us? Nowhere. Montreal is not easy playing for nor are habs fans (some of them at least). You are so right in the idea that it is a team!! Time to come together and work hard for each other and stop looking for a "saviour", an individual to carry the habs ALONE and start covering each other's asses!! Not one single person is to blame for this slide and not ONE SINGLE PERSON WILL GET US OUT OF IT. We lose as a team and we win as a team!
  10. Man, that hurts and pisses me off. Its all true, but to mock us like that!!! Something needs to happen. I hate it when I am always right when I say the habs will lose, but to lose like that. When the other team makes bets on much you are going to suck, you know we lost tons of respect and definitely are sitting on the bottom. Maybe not with Pittsburg and the likes, but we aren't that far off. Ouch, my moral as a Habs fan has just gone down as much as it can. They are and will always be my team through thick and thin, but these past few years, and especially now are real trying times. DIE HARDS its time to stand out! Its time to really do what we can to help our team, and thats by being DIE HARDS and give the team some room to breath and support no matter what and no matter how hard!! Especially after those disgraceful comments from the Sens. I used to like them and now, I am not sure anymore, b/c my Habs come first! The team needs all the support we can give b/c a trade is not going to happen until we get better. Gainey knows it, we should too. So lets cheer loud and stand tall!! GO HABS GO!!! :hlogo:
  11. Look, Theo isn't doing the job he is getting apid to do. WHat I mean by that is he isn't making spectacular saves all the time. But lets face it, the team in front of him sucks period. Gainey needs to improve the core, and Theo needs to improve his play. Besides his trade value is nothing, what else can Gainey do other than be patient and fix the most obvious probelms like everything else!!?
  12. umpalumpa55, you are totatlly right. The guys are low on confidence no matter how you look at it. Its only been three games under Gainey and it takes time to adapt and shake off the horrible stuff the julien regime did to the team. We are starting to see some positives already, which is great b/c its only the start and there is so much more on the way. Gainey has taught me at least that patience is a great virtue and will totally help this team and take some pressure off these guys. Thats extremely important b/c when these guys relax their grip on their stick, and actually want to put in the effort without being too conservative then the puck will bounce their way!! You need to allow players to be creative. That combo will see these habs excel.
  13. Van will beat Cal ==> Cal had their chance to seal the deal at home and lost, its Van's mometum now!! Ott will beat Tor ==> Just a hunch here. As long as they can score once on Belfour they'll win. HE seems to have the confidence of bull, but after that one goal he lets in, he falls!!! Mon will beat Bos ==> AS long as MOntreal plays the way they have been for the past two games they'll win. Raycroft looks real shaky and the confidence has got to go to the habs; however, if the habs get over confident, they'll lose. But I am betting on that they will not let it go to their heads. I thnk CJ has more control over his guys than that!!! Go habs Go!!!!
  14. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Habsfan69 did you reasd some of the comments people made about the article?!! I know that CBC is bias and it pisses me off, but I can get used to them being against the habs. Its childish and worst of all it just means that broadcasting in Canada is simply turning their back on their hockey roots!! Oh well, right? I find it funny how Cherry can say he is a Toronto fan based on the fact that he lives in Toronto. I am a habs fan and I lived most of my life two hours south east of Thunder BAy and now I go to u of A in Edmonton and go home for the summer in Airdrie!! Location means nothing!!! Its where you heart is. AS well it has nothing to do with numbers. Look at what the NHL has become after it started with a minority. Its not qunatity its quality. Anyway, just thought it was funny to see what people on the forum had to say!! Habs 4 ever!!!!
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