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  1. I don't own EA's NHL 07 and if you don't think some trades are needed then you just keep playing your EA NHL 07 and maybe The Habs can play in your fantasy play-offs and you'll be a happy Habs fan. I'm talking the real deal not your fantasy games.
  2. Just finshed watching the 4-2 loss to the Isles & I'm pissed. The top 2 lines provided no offense what so ever. Our 3 & 4 lines were our 2 best & they have Samsonov & Perezhogin who were both poison as always. So give Bonk & Johnson & Lapierre & Streit a couple of decent wingers & we have 2 real good lines, but I don't know where we get a couple of good wingers unless they're in Hamilton. Latendresse actually played a good game but our supposedly offensive guys like Ryder, Kovalev & Higgins were they even dressed? Ooh yeh they were all on the ice for some goals against I did see them out there. If Bob waits until the deadline we'll be sellers instead of buyers the way we're going. I say win or lose tomorrow against Pittsburgh the trade deadline for us making the playoffs is now. Offer Philly: Aebischer, Samsonov, Plecanek, Rivet , Murray, Dandenault & a draft pick for Forsberg, Gauthier, Knuble & M. Grenier. Then offer Perezhogin & Ryder to Columbus for Zherdev. Ship Ninnamaa somewhere for a draft pick & send Downey to the minors. Then we look like this: Huet/Danis or Halak Komy/Markov Gauthier/Souray Cote/Bouillon Forsberg/Knuble/Kovalev Koivu/Higgins/Zherdev Bonk/Johnson/Begin Lapierre/Latendresse/Streit Call up someone from Hamilton to fill in until Begin is back and leave Grenier on the roster as a 4'th line winger as our Heavyweight for games when we need one.
  3. :hlogo: If the habs are to go after Forseberg they should ask for Pitkanen also so they have something in return in case Forseberg retires or walks. I'd offer Aebischer, Markov, Rivet, Plecanek, Samsonov & a conditional pick for Forseberg, Pitkanen, S. Kapanen & M. Grenier. Grenier use as an extra forward for muscle on the 4'th line when needed. Then we have Pitkanen to replace Markov and use Streit or Cote to replace Rivet & then this also allows us to sign Souray long term. Then if Zherdev is available offer Perezhogin, Ryder & Ninnimaa for Zherdev & Modin. Then The Habs look like this: Huet, Danis Komisarek, Pitkanen Cote, Souray Dandenault, Bouillon Koivu, Higgins, Kovalev Forseberg, Zherdev, Modin Bonk, Johnson, Kapanen Begin, Latendresse, Streit (Lapierre to fill in for Begin) Grenier as replacement for Streit when needed. Send Downey to minors.
  4. :hlogo: The last time I made a trade post everyone went ballistic, and mine were alot more senseable them some of these trades being proposed. But since someone started this up here's who could be dealt and not missed awhole lot. Aebischer, Samsonov, Ninnimaa, Ryder, Murray, Downey, and Bonk. Plecanek could replace Bonk as a third line centre at 1/4 the price. Some guys I would like to see come this way are Fedorov, Tkachuk,& Nagy. Who would be traded for who I'm not sure but maybe something like this. Bonk, Ninnimaa & Murray (total 5.5 mil) for Fedorov (6 mil). Then maybe Ryder & Downey (2.7 mil) for Nagy (3 mil) & then Aebischer & Samsonov (5.4 mil) for Tkachuk (3.8 mil). Then we look like this: Huet, Danis D the same Komy, Markov Rivet, Bouillon Souray, Dandenault depth Streit & Cote Up front Koivu, Higgins, Nagy Fedorov, Kovalev, Tkachuk Plecanek, Perezhogin, Johnson Lapeirre, Begin, Latendresse depth Streit & Kostitsin
  5. Man I love making up some of these trades to listen to some of your guys replies. Most of you don't know Jackshit. Saying Laraque is washed up and Comrie is no better then Plecanek, you all have one thing going for you, you hopefully are all true red, white & blue even if most of you don't know jackshit.
  6. :hlogo: Now that all our D are healthy again it's time to dump Ninnamaa, I didn't mind getting rid of Ribiero but we should of gotten a better return. Looking at teams that need help on D Vancouver is at the top of the list ship him to Vancouver for Alexander Burrows. Then to help out our second line & get Kovalev back to wing where he belongs we make a blockbuster with Gretzky a guy who needs to do something to wake his team up and try to salvage his job. Send Samsonov, Perezhogin, Plecanek, Abesicher, Downey & Murray total of 7.7 mil in salary to Phoenix for L. Nagy, M. Comrie & G. Laraque total of 7.1 mil in salary. Between the to moves we save over 2 million in salary and end up looking like this. Huet, Danis D- Souray-Rivet, Komi-Markov, Boullion-Dandenault & Streit. Up front we look like this Koivu-Higgins-Ryder, Comrie-Nagy-Kovalev, Bonk-Johnson-Latendresse, Begin-Borrows-Laraque. If I was only sitting in Bob's chair.
  7. :hlogo: I,m hearing Downey could be done for the year, If so here are my top 4 choices as replacements, Francis Lessard, George Parros, Nathan Perrott or Grant Marshall all guys I believe are playing in the minors and could be gotten for next to nothing. Other possiblities Tie Domi, Jeremy Stevenson, Kip Brennan or Ryan Flinn the last two I,m not sure of there status health wise? Anybody got any other ideas or like any of the above?
  8. :hlogo: If Saku was to retire, we need to make some moves before any other teams know he's retiring to give us better value on the trade market. First it seems like Gagne wants out of Philly so go after him offer Ryder & Perezhogin, then sign E. Daze and also sign V. Kozlov both to 1 yr deals. Then move Bonk for a draft pick or prospect to free up more salary. Sign Gagne to a 4 yr deal between 22 & 24 mill. Then we look like this an all Russian line Kozlov, Kovalev, Samsonov and then an all french line Ribs, Gagne, Daze, an excellent third line of Plecanek, Higgins, Johnson and a fourth line of Grabovsky, Begin, Murray, Kostitsin and Downey. Kozlov played great in the Olympic's with Kovalev and he should come fairly cheap. If Ryder & Perezhogin ain't enough to get Gagne throw in what ever we get for Bonk. We would also be spending less money to give us more room under the cap when all is said and done.
  9. :hlogo: I like the idea of trading Souray & Perezhoggin for Zherdev. Then sign Danny Markov to replace Souray. As for who else is available as a UFA that might be usefull. I would like to see one of these 2 guys for depth on our 3rd & 4th lines, either B. Devereaux or J. Ruutu. Other then that the question is do we keep Ribiero or trade him and look for someone else to centre Zherdev & Kovalev. I think centering those 2 Rib's might finally have a break out year. I would like to see Ryder & Zednik shipped for a 2nd line RW to play with Koivu & Higgins ( Zednik can't finish and Ryder is to slow for that line not to mention a defense liability) either Shane Doan or Jamie Langenbrunner I would like to see. One last guy who might really play to his potential under this coaching staff is Victor Kozlov if he came cheap, maybe take him over Devereaux or Ruutu then you have a guy that could fill in on either of the top 2 lines. We look like this for next season. Ribs, Zherdev, Kovalev Koivu, Higgins, ?Doan or Langenbrunner? Plecanek, Kostistyn, ?Kozlov or Devereaux? Bonk, Begin, Murray ( Downey) ? J. Ruutu ? D- Markov, Markov, Rivet, Komi, Bouillon, Dandenault (Streit & Cote) G- Huet, Aebischer, Danis
  10. :?- :shock: Trade Ribiero, Perezhogin, & Zednik to the Wild for M. Gaborik. Then trade Ryder & Bonk to Big D for J. Lehtinen & S. Ott. Throw in C. Locke & J. Ferland if needed to make these trades. Then sign either( J. Arnott- M. Savard or D. Briere) to center our top line with Gaborik & Kovalev. Then sign T. Selanne to play with Lehtinen & Saku as our second line. Third line Plecanek, Higgins, Kostitsin. Fourth line Begin, Murray & Ott. In goal sign Huet along with M. Biron both for no more then 5 million a season. Our D would stay basiclly the same re-sign Bouillion and maybe another mobile depth guy.
  11. :hlogo: I think a guy who would come alot cheaper then Arnott is V. Kozlov (31 yrs old) who with his size and skill just might shine with Kovalev & Kostitsin along side him. That would give us a potent 1'st line and have Koivu, Higgins (who I think is going to be great) along with Marian Gaborik. Trade Ribiero, Ryder, Perezhogin & Zednik for Gaborik. It sounds like alot to give up but we'd be getting a 25 yr old superstar and actually besides Perezhogin would we really be giving up much. I know Ryder leads us in goals this year but he's to slow to play with Higgins & Koivu and he's a defensive liability. I'd definitly go after Mara as the 1'st choice on D, 2'nd choice J. McKee or M. Zidlicky. Third line Plecanek, Murray & B. Deveraux (UFA) 4'th line Bonk (for 1 more yr) with Begin & J. Ruttu (UFA) extra Andrew Peters (UFA) as our tough guy. As for the cage we have to definitly sign Huet let Aebischer go as he's a UFA and sign a guy like Tim Thomas, B. Boucher or J. Hedberg as a back-up. Martin Gerber would be nice but would likely be to much money as Carolina may want him as there #1. Guys who shouldn't be back next year besides the above mentioned, Bulis, Sundstrom, & either Bouillon or Streit keep one as the 7'th D-man. If we are going to ice our own team in Hamilton next year without Edmonton here's a few guys available to help us fill the void down there as Dagenais, Paul, Aitken, Vandermeer & Carpenter likell won't be re-signed. Possible AHL help: B. St. Jacques, M. Grenier, J.F Fortin, R. Abid, S. Thornton, B. Simon, D. Oliver, S. Gainey, A. Giroux and M. Ouellet.
  12. :hlogo: I,m hearing alot of Souray for Bertuzzi rumours. I sort of like the sound of it but salary wise I don't think it makes sense for us. Also we would have to make a move before that to replace Souray's spot on the roster. So I would like to see us send M. Ryder, N. Sundstrom, & M. Dandenault (3.6 mill from our cap)to Pheonix for P. Mara & D. Gauthier (3.1 mill from their cap) Then I'd make the Vancouver trade only if they took Bonk to make it work cap wise. Send Souray, Streit & Bonk ( 5.1 mill from our cap) to Vancouver for Bert & Ruutu (5.9 mill from their cap). Then make one last offer to N.J, offer Ribeiro & Zednik (2.9 mill) for Kozlov & Langenbrunner (3.5 mill). If that one goes down we look like this D- Komi - Markov, Mara - Rivet, Gauthier - Bouillon, Cote. Up front Kozlov, Perezhogin, Kovalev - Koivu, Higgins, Bertuzzi - Plecanek, Bulis, Langenbrunner - Begin, Ruutu, Downey & Kostitsin. If the N. J trade won't work then we have Rib's & Zednik instead of Kozlov & Langenbrunner. But I think an all russian line of Kozlov, Perezhogin & Kovalev sure sounds nice. One last move for some extra depth at D get a UFA like a J. Bouchard from N.Y Islanders for little or nothing.
  13. :hlogo: :hlogo: I've watched every habs game this year and what we need is a power forward and a top 4 d-man. I think they can be acquired without giving up any young prospects. First for defense I would go after Paul Mara and Denis Gauthier in Pheonix, offer Souray, Dandenault, Sundstrom & C. Locke. (possibly ask for S. Gainey also). Then trade Ryder (at 25 I don't consider him a young prospect) & Zednik to Edmonton for R. Torres & J.F Jacques. With Ryder's numbers he should be attractive, but he is to slow and to weak defensely. Torres is a year younger and ready to explode into a power forward. And J.F Jacques, well if anybody has watched the Bulldogs this year they should know he's going to be another power forward in the big time very shortly. The future would sure look bright with these 2 guys and Latendresse & Kostistin not far behind. Also, now that Theo's gone for awhile we can start either Huet or Danis and have a chance to win every game something we didn't have with Theo between the pipes. And C. Locke I don't consider a prospect for us because the last thing we need is another small centre. Mike Komisarek's physical game might really blossom watching D. Gauthier standing guys up every game.
  14. :hlogo: If Ottawa is after Jokinen all the more reason to get him ahead of them. With Saku signed it should help to keep him ong term. So trade Theo, Souray, Plecanek & a pick for Luongo & Jokinen. Then trade C. Locke, M. Streit, M. Dandenault & N. Sundstrom to Phoenix for P. Mara & D. Gauthier. Trade Ribiero to Calgary for C. Kobasew. Finally trade Ryder, Zednik & Bonk to Edmonton for M. Peca, R. Torres & J F Jacques. Then we look like this: Huet, Danis P. Mara-A. Markov C. Rivet-D. Gauthier Komisarek-Bouillon Cote Jokinen, Perezhogin, Kovalev Koivu, Torres, (Kobasew for this year, then bring Selanne in as a UFA move Kobasew to third line & Higgins to 4'th with Begin and Jacques) Peca, Bulis, Higgins Begin, Jacques, Downey depth (Murray, Kostitsin, Ferland)
  15. :hlogo: It might of showed 8-2 for Carolina on the score sheet but we were the best team (except for goaltending) for most of the game. With Huet in nets we could of been up 2-1 after 2 periods. Theo's totally lost his confidence and we can't afford anymore losses waiting to see if he's going to get in back. I think we can still make the play-offs if we go with Huet & Danis for the rest of the year. If we can't get anything for him send him to Hamilton if some-one claims him it opens up 4.5 mill for next season. The only hope of getting something back for him is to package him and then we'd have to take some salary back in return. One possibility send Theo, Ryder , Ribiero (6.7 mill) to Phoenix for S. Doan & D. Scatchard (5.1 mill) or I'd like L. Nagy & D. Scatchard (4 mill) but if it was at all possible Pheonix would probably want to keep Nagy instead of Doan. This is just an idea of a team that might be interested in Theo and have a couple of salaries they might be willing to move. I read rumours of Gainey interested in Richards and Kubina from Tampa Bay, great move but with Richards only a restricted F.A we'd have to give up the farm. If he wants a #1 centre (and make Koivu the #2 man) and a top D-man I'd go after O. Jokinen and J. Bouwmeester if we can re-sign Koivu long term Jokinen should stay also. How could we get them, I'd offer Komisarek, Plecanek & Perezhogin. No I'm not playing my NHL 2006 again I'm just wishing for us to make the play-offs, and Bob's gotta make a big move because everyone else in our division will follow suite with Carolina and start improving for the stretch run.
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