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25 Players at Prospects camp...


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Joueur Position Acquis Club en 2003-2004

ARCHER, Andrew D Repêchage 2001 Hamilton (AHL)

BONNEAU, Jimmy AG Repêchage 2003 Île-du-Prince-Édouard (LHJMQ)

CHIPCHURA, Kyle C Repêchage 2004 Prince Albert (WHL)

CÔTÉ, Jean-Phillipe D Joueur autonome (AHL) Hamilton (AHL)

DANIS, Yann G Joueur autonome Brown University (ECAC)

DULAC-LEMELIN, Alex D Repêchage 2004 Baie Comeau (LHJMQ)

FERLAND, Jonathan AD Repêchage 2002 Hamilton (AHL)

FLOOD,Mark D Repêchage 2003 Peterborough (OHL)

GODIN, Christian-Pierre C Joueur à l’essai -----------

HALAK, Jaroslav G Repêchage 2003 Bratislava (SLOVAQUIE)

HEINO-LINDBERG, Christopher G Repêchage 2003 Vallentuna, Hammarby Jr. (SUÈDE)

KASTSITSYN, Andrei AD Repêchage 2003 CSKA Moscou (RUSSIE), Belarus

KORPIKARI, Oskari D Repêchage 2003 Karpat (FINLANDE)

LABELLE, Olivier AD Joueur à l’essai Gatineau (LHJMQ)

LACASSE, Loïc G Repêchage 2004 Baie Comeau (LHJMQ)

LAMBERT, Michaël AG Repêchage 2002 Île-du-Prince-Édouard (LHJMQ)

LAPIERRE, Maxim C Repêchage 2003 Île-du-Prince-Édouard (LHJMQ)

LARRIVÉE, Christian C Repêchage 2000 Columbus (ECHL)

LOCKE, Corey C Repêchage 2003 Ottawa (OHL)

MAGNAN, Olivier D Joueur à l’essai Rouyn-Noranda (LHJMQ)

O’BYRNE, Ryan D Repêchage 2003 Cornell University (ECAC)

PETIT, Kevin AD Joueur à l’essai Gatineau (LHJMQ)

STEWART, Danny AG Repêchage 2003 Rimouski (LHJMQ)

STEWART, Gregory AG Repêchage 2004 Peterborough (OHL)

URQUHART, Cory C Repêchage 2003 Île-du-Prince-Édouard (LHJMQ)

All taking place at the Pierrefonds-Sportsplex (same as the last training camp) starting this friday!!! Its like 2 minutes from my place , I am soo going to attend this event....

More good news...

Le camp d’entraînement des recrues des Canadiens se tiendra du 8 au 14 septembre prochain. Cette année, le tournoi annuel des recrues regroupera les Canadiens, les Sénateurs d’Ottawa, les Maple Leafs de Toronto et les Panthers de la Floride, et aura lieu du 10 au 14 septembre, au Sportplexe 4-Glaces, à Pierrefonds.

The annual prospect tourny is also in Pierrefonds, I nearly wet myself when I heard this... This is awesome! Not only do I get to follow the habs prospects in my own backyard for a week, but I also get to watch a tourny including the top prospects of 4 NHL teams in mid september.... sweet!

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Originally posted by sakiqc

Really happy for you!! You'll see Kast and Chip :o

Does that means HW will have a special coverage there ? :D


What do you think? lol... of course. Just like the main training camp coverage I provided last year... (back when we were just a forum,...)

I dont know how much I'll be able to catch on Friday, the practice starts at 2pm... I guess I should be able to watch the whole practice, but I've got tickets to the Als game that night, so I'm not sure if I can get an article up before I have to leave...

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I'm really liking what I hear about Chipchura, I hope the habs hold on to him for a nyce long while. He is by far my fav prospect, and maybe one day my fav habs player.

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Originally posted by Macaskill

I'm really liking what I hear about Chipchura, I hope the habs hold on to him for a nyce long while. He is by far my fav prospect, and maybe one day my fav habs player.

I think he will be a habs for a nice long while. I see good things in this kids future, he will be a good character/leadership type player for the habs.

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I agree, they say he might be our future captain... but as long as Koivu is still along, I doubt that will be the case. I hope Koivu stays with Montreal for his whole career, but, who knows. (This is a little off topic... lolz... maybe I'll start new thread about Koivu)

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Lambert as you wil lfind out has a great shot.

Urquhart has the talent but no intensity. Not willing to pay the price for the puck.

Lapierre is a work horse. He can do it all, score, hit, fight, this kid will go places.

Jimmy Bonneau is a scrapper who always looks for the knockout punch. He like to set up at centre ice and give the fans a show. He can scrap and he has the power to deliver a dangerous upercut.

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