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Cable TV in Toronto


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Greetings all,

Looking to get cable TV in Toronto. I require RDS. Girlfriend requires Discovery channel, A&E, and TLC.

Obviously in my case, I want this up and running before Thursday. Who do we go with?

Unleash the Kraken!

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Just Cable? No Satellite? If you are just going Cable then I don't know if you have options beyond Rogers. I'm not a big fan but you can get all of those channels rather easily with a digital box.

Odd, I didn't see RDS available at all with Rogers... This is a sticking point for me. Without RDS, why do I want cable?

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Jesus ######ing Christ that Rogers site is a bitch to navigate. I just want to write in the channels I want so it can tell me what the cheapest package is that I need to get. Why is that difficult?

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