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  1. Here's what Fox had to say about Murray http://kingsmediazone.com/jimfox.wmv
  2. No, Murray is having a constructive dialogue with Jim Fox, a LA Kings color man.
  3. http://www.letsgokings.com/images/custom/murrayfox.wmv A video of bryan murray, an example for all of us.
  4. There's no place like home... Nice read Former Canadien enjoying his fresh start in Tinseltown, but still misses Montreal Didn't know he was that good friends with bam bam bouillon http://www.canadiens.com/eng/news/redirect...newsItemID=4588
  5. In Vancouver they should be happy with their latest addition Max Ouellet. If I was a GM I wouldn't mind having Ouellet around
  6. True, if he has to clear waivers he's not going anywhere. Maybe he will visit the Casino, Mount Royal or the Botanical Gardens but definitely not Hamilton.
  7. Yep, good call. They have to play. They won't improve by playing 1 shift/game. OK, JP played almost 5' last night. Murray 0'00". Over the entire season Perezhogin is playing an average of 10'18", pleks 12'55", higgins 11'13", streit 12'32" and JP has 8'37". Max Lapierre 3'07". Kostitsyn -1' and Ivanans +2'. Liked what I saw from Coté. Perezhogin to Hamilton for a week (rumoured)?
  8. Maybe you should come over and check them out for yourselves. The women over here, pwfff. :/) Wierd beer? Have You tried: Duvel http://www.duvel.be/ Hoegaarden http://users.pandora.be/hoegaarden/ Stella Artois http://www.stella-artois.be/index.html Jupiler http://www.interbrew.be/default.asp Leffe Maybe you should come over and check them out for yourselves. After a couple of beers the women.. check out Ratebeer.com [Edited on 11-12-05 by mathieug]
  9. Oh, I forgot to mention the Montréal Axion. http://www.montrealaxion.com/ I have to admit the reason I'm following this team has more to do with Charline Labonté..
  10. OK, I'm fine with Montréal being #1, but where is Liège on that list? Come on, Liège's like Montréal, a "bit" smaller: ideal! http://www.liege.be/
  11. Royal Standard de Liège http://www.standardliege.be/ Philippe Gilbert http://www.philippegilbert.com/ http://www.fdjeux.com/institutionnel/cycli...sme/actualites/
  12. A red vintage one, a regular red & a red #8 Komisarek. Oh, and also a white #20, Zed. [Edited on 4-12-05 by mathieug]
  13. OK boys, enjoy the well deserved week off. See ya next week for them Mighty Ducks.
  14. Perreault just scored to put the preds 3-2 up on the flyers
  15. I'm with you on that. Bobby Clarke isn't the smarthest guy around.
  16. Caron cleared waivers and is with the baby pens now.
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