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  1. Nice ######ing missed call on the Gionta takedown. Three god damn penalties in one. These refs are total idiots, terrible officiating all game.
  2. Terrible first, got better as they went a long. A win is a win, back to .500.
  3. THAT'S BETTER About time a line showed up.
  4. We're on pace for three shots... embarassing.
  5. It never fails. A team will lose 8-2, then come out and beat us. They haven't won yet, but at this rate, they sure as hell will.
  6. I'm up to my face in exams, cut me some slack.
  7. Oh oh oh, pick me. I want New Jersey. I'm going to sell the farm and win now.
  8. My god, trade this guy. He contributes NOTHING.
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