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  1. Nice ######ing missed call on the Gionta takedown. Three god damn penalties in one. These refs are total idiots, terrible officiating all game.
  2. Terrible first, got better as they went a long. A win is a win, back to .500.
  3. THAT'S BETTER About time a line showed up.
  4. We're on pace for three shots... embarassing.
  5. It never fails. A team will lose 8-2, then come out and beat us. They haven't won yet, but at this rate, they sure as hell will.
  6. I'm up to my face in exams, cut me some slack.
  7. Oh oh oh, pick me. I want New Jersey. I'm going to sell the farm and win now.
  8. My god, trade this guy. He contributes NOTHING.
  10. Poor decision Max. Oh wow, 5-3. is this a joke? Terrible, terrible call. Lapierre, what are you thinking?
  11. This is really something to see. Let's win it for them, tonight it matters.
  12. I've heard a lot of people say this is a bad move, and that he'll be a great player, but their sole argument is "He was Canada's captain at the U20s." Let's look at some other players who excelled with Canada there. 2000 -Brandon Reid -Jaime Lundmark 2001 -Jaime Lundmark -Maxime Ouellet 2002 -Jared Aulin -Brian Sutherby 2003 -P-A Parenteau -Carlo Colaiacavo 2004 -Anthony Stewart -Jeff Tambellini 2005 Even on the dream team, remember Jeff Glass? Not to mention others tha would come after, like Pogge.
  13. Great PP, lots of pressure.
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