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  1. I'm ok with giving up Poehling as well as I don't see a place for him in the Habs lineup. He'll develop into a third line centre at best in my eyes. With Suzuki, Kotkaniemi and Danault likely securing those top three spots moving forward, Poehling is on the outside looking in. He could move to the wing, but even then the Habs have a ton of depth there as well. Moving a guy like Poehling to make that deal wouldn't be a bad idea.
  2. Fortunately, Dunn can be acquired with either one of those options. Dunn is set to become a restricted free agent at the end of the season. Given the Blues cap troubles, having roughly $2 million in cap space with Alex Pietrangelo and Vince Dunn to sign, they will need to move out a significant amount of salary to get both under contract. The Canadiens could step in here and offer sheet Vince Dunn to a contract worth between $3 million to $4 million per season on a four or five-year deal. At this point, it would be something the Blues would not be able to match. That would put them above the salary cap ceiling and Pietrangelo is sure to cost at least double that amount. Read more here: https://lastwordonhockey.com/2020/07/18/montreal-canadiens-offseason-target-vince-dunn/
  3. That's why it's a huge win though. A place holder team won the lottery, therefore the Canadiens have an equal chance at Lafreniere IF they lose the play in series. Thats a huge win. Had the season gone on, they would not have won the lottery as they wouldnt have been team E and their position would have been set in stone. If they don't win phase two of the lottery, they automatically get 9th pick, as they are the lowest seed of the play-in teams. If the season does not end up starting back up, the Canadiens are still in the lottery and still have that shot at 1st or at worst 9th. If they do win against Pittsburgh we get Habs playoff hockey, which of course is a win for the fans as we havent been able to watch them in the playoffs since 2017. However, in the long-run, yes it would be much better to get Lafreniere if they could not win the cup this season. Obviously, winning the cup is extremely difficult even for the best teams, and the Habs are heading in as the 24th seed, so theyre not expected to do much. However, whatever way you look at it, and whatever happens, the Canadiens are rewarded. Either 1st, 9th, or the Playoffs. Cant say thats a bad thing
  4. Anytime you have a shot at the number one pick, it’s an exciting feeling. It’s the consolation prize for not making the Stanley Cup Playoffs. However, for the Canadiens, they get the best of both worlds. The Habs are currently set to play the Pittsburgh Penguins in a five-game series to determine which of them will get the chance to fight for Lord Stanley’s Cup. Had the season not been cut short, the Canadiens had less than a two percent chance of making the playoffs. Now their odds are basically 50 percent because all they need to do is beat the team in front of them. That’s a huge win for the Habs. There are so many scenarios that could play out here for the Canadiens. Each of them seems to be a win in some way shape or form for the Habs. More here: https://lastwordonhockey.com/2020/06/28/results-nhl-draft-lottery-win-montreal-canadiens/
  5. I agree that Bergevin did debunk this. He has put together a top 5 prospect pool by building through the draft but has also gone out and attempted to bring in help for the team right now through free agency. Yes we all know he did not succeed in getting these players. We also know Montreal has not been successful in attracting free agents for a long time even before MB. However, he was one of the final two teams for Matt Duchene and had an aggressive offer for him. In hindsight, we have to be happy Duchene didn't sign here. He was also down to the wire with Gardiner, who despite his poor year I believe he would have been strong for the Habs next to Weber. Along with an Aho offer sheet that again, failed, however was a calculated offer due to a vulnerable owner. As for the offer sheet. It absolutely needs to be more than $6.5. Tampa laughs at that and matches, no sweat. Even though its still more than surely theyre hoping to pay. They would easily accept a $6.5, 5 year deal for a player of Sergachev's stature.
  6. It would still be extremely difficult to get these players to agree to move their no trade clause, especially a player like McDonagh who only singed in Tampa two years ago in July and made sure that clause was in there. You also then have to think about what team wants to bring him in at the salary he's making longterm and as he regresses. Plus the fact that he will be making less when he is moved and to a most likely worse team as Tampa is arguably the best team in the league, reducing his chance at a Stanley Cup. That goes for all those players. Tampa could offer less, but their cap space is still limited regardless. He's not going to sign for $5 or less knowing he could get offered $8+ else where. Why should he? But I do agree that the offer sheet should be aggressive. Better chance of getting the player and if Tampa Bay matches, it will dismantle the organization as they would have to move out some of their core that makes them the team they are as well as makes decreases their chances of signing Cirelli. This weakens a team in the Habs division. Win/Win
  7. It might be. Especially given the extra first. Bergevin might not want to part with all the picks. However, maybe a lower offer around 7.5 - 8 may still be able to get it done. Tampa is completely strapped for cash and this pandemic making it a flat cap didnt help their case.
  8. Not a bad idea at all because lets face it, IF, Sergachev is brought in, Mete becomes the 7th defenceman. Being as young as he is and his speed, he could be something Tampa would accept in a deal if they dont want to risk the offer sheet and would rather gain cheaper quality NHL defenceman. I feel they would have to add to Mete obviously, but its a good starting point. Tampa's left side would then be Hedman, McDonagh and Mete.
  9. Exaclty. And lets not forget Pittsburgh is not an overly fast team. Theyre an older team than the Habs. They don't have an overly strong defence group and their goaltending is questionable. Jarry was outstanding this year but theres no telling he'll keep up that same game play in this play-in series. We've seen Matt Murray perform well in the playoffs before, but he has not been the same goalie since Marc-Andre Fleury left either. The goaltending situation could end up being the deciding factor when you have Carey Price staring down one of those two.
  10. Mikhail Sergachev is set to become a restricted free agent at the end of the season. With the Lightning’s cap issues, it’s going to be hard to re-sign the stud defenceman. In order to do it, they’ll need to move out some of their core who have significant cap hits. However, this will not be an easy feat for the Lightning. If you look at the club’s roster, the players we come across as potential trade pieces are Yanni Gourde, Tyler Johnson, Ondrej Palat, Ryan McDonagh and Alex Killorn. Each of them have no-trade clauses. Of those players, only Killorn’s no-trade clause will turn into a modified no-trade clause this off-season. If the Lightning wants to try to move any of these players, they would need to accept a trade out of Tampa Bay. This does not seem likely. Hence why they had the no-trade clause put in their contract in the first place. Read more here: https://lastwordonhockey.com/2020/06/09/reacquiring-mikhail-sergachev-is-a-realistic-possibility-for-the-montreal-canadiens/ Reacquiring Sergachev would be a HUGE win for the Habs.
  11. https://lastwordonhockey.com/2018/11/29/montreal-canadiens-defence-targets-2/ Solid list. I'd add Jacob Larsson to this list as well.
  12. I think the line up is gonna look more like this Shanahan-Koivu-Ryder Zherdev-Arnott-Kovalev Latendresse-Plekanec-Higgins Begin-Bonk-Murray Markov-Rivet Komisarek-Dandenault Witt-Bouillon Huet Danis Zednik, Ribeiro, Abby, Perezhogin, and Souray... could all be traded in order to make this line up work.
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