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  1. I just sat in Tim Hortons with 3 of my best friends for about 2 and a half hours just swapping stories. I'll take that over getting drunk in a bar and punching someone in the face any day.
  2. I read somewhere that spathe might be doing a skin or two for the board. I'd love a choice of skins personally.
  3. You answered your own question before the question. Going into Iraq was a coup d'etat. They needed a reason to go in, they took what they had, and they did it. Yes, Saddam was a bad person, and yes, the world is better with him behind bars. But it was a bullshit excuse to go in, plain and simple.
  4. I will admit to being a bit surprised Perezhogin didn't get in, especially with a couple players coming from Russia's elite league instead.
  5. A new mod! Let the speculating begin! I'm gonna guess Colin. (Darkhorse possibility: Leafs Suck)
  6. Welcome to The Lounge. Everything but Habs discussion. In response to revvvrob, I see no link between Hussein and the terrorist attack on Sept 11. By the way, whatever happened to the "Find Osama" mission? He was the direct mastermind behind the September 11 attacks. And yes, while the war on Osama and the attempt to find him was (is?) totally justified, going into Iraq to oust Hussein because of WMD's (that did not/do not exist) is something that shows a blatant misuse of power on Bush's part. He didn't ask to start the war on terrorism....but he's certainly manipulated it to fit his own agenda.
  7. Judas! I mean...ahem... All complaints about the new board must be submitted to the room that is NOT full of deadly ninjas. I swear.
  8. It all looks great! Though I suppose "Post Whore" wouldn't be an option for everyone over 2000?
  9. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to read that. Is that a rebuttal or an agreement with what I said?
  10. Lying about getting blown by a fat cow is a tad less severe than lying about a country having big weapons and the intent to use them so that you can call for a war that costs many people their lives on both sides. But anyways... has anyone really trusted a politician in their lifetime?
  11. So....what's the new system? I noticed I currently embody an NHL Powerplay. What else is there?
  12. That post practically deserves a slow clap.
  13. Damn. Hey. You're a mod. When did that happen? And why are Colin and Macaskill's names red? I'm frightened, somebody hold me.
  14. Sexy! Has quick reply been done away with? I can't find it.
  15. This tea thing is an interesting phenomenon. I may try it. [Edited on 2005/12/22 by Trizzak]
  16. This had best be a slaughter. I demand vengeance! I demand blood!! 8 - 1 Habs, and 3 injuries to Washington.
  17. It may take me a bit to contribute monetarily being that I'm currently bringing in an income of...well...nothing....so it could be a bit belated or not at all. I'll do what I can though. (Also, I'd just like to shamelessly plug that the Gillet Letter is looking for 4 more names. I know this isn't the time or the place, but it's my thread and I will do what I please*) *unless modded.
  18. LOL, yeah that sneaky little bastard ... it was him Anyways, we're going to be changing forums shortly. From XMB to something new... Its going to cost some money, but its worth it for the security and new features. And dont worry, post counts and messages will remain. oooooooo upgrade! vbulletin?
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