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  1. With absolutely no depth at the defensive positions, I gotta think that any good gm wouldn't trade away a promising young defenseman whom is owned by the team for a few more years, for a 30 year old (but, admittedly, better) defenseman that could be gone in a matter of months.
  2. Hey leave the hippies alone man, they don't hurt anybody. Mimes on the other hand...
  3. Do I understand the wall? And where's the sieve in net?
  4. what is the expression? "shit or get off the pot"? Yeah. I think Gainey should do that. This is not a slump. A slump is temporary. This is - quite simply - a permanently bad, unemotional team in dire need of a shakeup everywhere. He's already kicked a coach out the door, now he needs to follow it with 3 - 4 players and bring in some fresh blood!
  5. At what point will a trophy be made or renamed with Gretzky's name on it? Considering the records he currently holds, you'd think something would be changed.
  6. Unless my cap knowledge is wrong, the only way I see Theo fitting is if a lot of high-priced Colorado players have been injured for a long period of time.
  7. There are cap issues for Colorado to deal with if that trade happens.
  8. I guess we'll find out in the next couple of days.
  9. You're probably getting sick of seeing this....but I didn't hang out with the girlfriend tonight. What happens? A slaughter. Honestly, I don't think Theo gets another start till Huet plays soooo badly that they need a goalie change. Also, good to see Zednik pop a goal. I hope he scores a few more in the next few games. Then I hope he is traded.
  10. I wouldn't miss Theo...but I'd really like it if he managed to work up some value before he goes.
  11. Gainey should sign Chuck Norris to fill the top line winger spot left vacant by Zednik. He'd roundhouse kick the puck for 8 hat tricks, and every goal will count...because any ref that tries to tell him otherwise will explode. Gainey...get this deal done.
  12. ...I want that problem
  13. Bonk is apparently not playing. Zednik is apparently in. Who knows though, cause last time someone was supposed to not play a game, he scored 4 goals. Also, Perez has been called up. Additionally, Ribiero practiced on Koivu's wing with Kovalev. What does all this mean? Ribs - Koivu - Kovalev Higgins - Plekanec - Ryder Zednik/Bonk - Bulis - Sundstrom Ivanans - Begin - Downey Perhaps Perez replaces Downie or Ivanans? Maybe he's here in case a trade goes down? I don't know...I don't know. This may be one of the more interesting line juggles I've seen yet though. Ribs...top line...WING..
  14. Having Weight and Sillinger off the books makes the Blues team an easier sell, which is what the Blues ownership wants right now.
  15. Wonder what the Toronto media stations will have to say about Perez if his hit list adds up. After that stick swinging incident (I hate calling it that...it seems much too euphemised and soft) I know he suddenly had to "keep his emotions in check." Yes...after one kneejerk slash that was aimed at the man's hip, which happened to hit his face because he was falling down...unbeknownst to Perez. "He's a total snapshow! A maniac! AHHHH!!" Now this Primeau thing...I wouldn't be surprised if he's suddenly called a headhunter. "The bastard nearly (cleanly) checked Primeau's head off! He's a monster
  16. I've been waiting for a Zednik trade for a month.
  17. Odd that Kostitsyn is sent down despite playing well, and Perez is called up despite playing poorly. Also, Kostitsyn would complete the KKK (OMG RACIST!!!!) line
  18. Agreed. I just don't see it happening.
  19. Hurricanes should play exciting hockey with Weight coming in. Habs will need a bit of luck early on for this one. It would be nice if Theo could steal this one.
  20. Daigle couldn't handle the pressure of playing in Ottawa. I don't see him doing too well in Montreal.
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