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  1. Hey, give me another chance. Maybe the game is based on positions used... I think I'll stop there before we need a disclaimer for every thread I post in.
  2. We had a good laugh at that too. However, we finished awhile ago, some time in the second period. It's up to the Habs now.
  3. I mentioned it jokingly over the phone yesterday. I don't think she thinks I'm serious.
  4. Girlfriend is on her way over... Unfortunately, she hates hockey. I may be denied strictly out of spite.
  5. I find that hilarious. He knows how to work a crowd.
  6. He speaks his mind, which is at least entertaining.
  7. Happy to oblige. If this starts to work consistently, everyone should chip in and send me condoms.
  8. You misunderstood me....or you understood and posted that to spite me... I want you to predict a Habs Stanley Cup win this year.
  9. Just to stir the pot? The pot hasn't settled for weeks! Leave the pot alone!!!!!!!
  10. how about predicting a Stanley Cup win this year?
  11. Nolan will probably sign with whomever appears to have the best shot at the Cup this year, and will sign for whatever allows the team to fit under the cap.
  12. That I agree with! Honestly, if Pleks could bring in a young but promising d-man, I'd be all for it.
  13. Don't hold back. That could be a hard sell... "Hey sweetie, I need to take pics of us ######ing for the Habs forum I post at.....hun? where are you going?"
  14. does this mean there will be a return of the end game reviews?
  15. Ask if the "new" NHL style has changed how they (as individuals) play the game at the junior level. Then ask them if you look fat in the pants you're wearing.
  16. Guys, I think I've hit a winning formula. Every time I've had sex with my girlfriend on game night, the Habs win. I know that's only been twice so far, but I'll be happy to test this theory every game for the rest of the season. I do it because I care. Go Habs Go!
  17. awesome, 4 - 1. I hope they can hold off Dallas. I'll be back later Go Habs Go!
  18. A Turco vs Theo matchup. I would have loved this if there was still a chance of Theo going to the Olympics.
  19. I'd bet on no deals for awhile. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Ribs gets more ice time to showcase him a bit for trades. wow...what a change, I'm excited.
  20. If I remember correctly, yes. This better be a double whammy news conference. I want Gainey to blast the players, coaches, wives and children of everyone involved with the team, then say "oh, and I've made a few trades today."
  21. Like a fat kid to cake. Brilliant, by the way. Absolutely brilliant. 10 outta 10 and I absolutely agree. Heart and balls.
  22. Quite frankly if Gainey can get the bad attitudes out of Montreal, I'm happy. This team is better than they are playing. They aren't as good as they were playing at the beginning of the season, but they are better than their record. But changes are definitely needed.
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