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  1. Hey, Habsworld is an informed place. Now sit down for your english lesson! Today we'll be moving off Haikus and onto Iambic Pentameter...
  2. If we're going to go with "deserved" lines then Bonk currently deserves 4th line center duty.
  3. Hehe lol, that's not right. Any view is accepted. I personaly like to read users with different views. It helps to strenghen our own view or to question it. The only things HW Admins ask are respect and no strong language, especially when the subject is more sensitive. Finally, the only rule is common sense + fun attitude. :/) I have been known to let loose occasional vulgarity. I mean, I realize that Dagenais isn't literally a "shitty player" (wouldn't that be a sight to see?) but really, that word just flows off my tongue quite nicely when I think of what he does on the ice. So basically I guess I'm asking if I'm allowed to, every once in awhile, throw in a good curse word or two if I feel the situation calls for it.
  4. I would like to point out that I only used Ribs and Dags as examples, but really, it applies to most of the team.
  5. Ribs does badly = trade him!!! OMG! TRADE HIM RIGHT NOW BEFORE I KILL MYSELF!! Ribs does well = Ribiero is the franchise! I would have man-sex with him if he would let me! All I'm asking for is, please, either like Ribiero on the team or don't like him. Please stop changing your opinion on a game by game basis, it's making my head hurt.Same goes for Dags, Souray, Bonk, or anybody else on the team. Yes, Dagenais got two goals last game. Good, great, wonderful! This doesn't stop the fact that he lost his spot to the rookies and he shouldn't be on the team (in my opinion.) I want him gone in exchange for a more complete player. If he scores more lately, great, keeping gaining more trade value buddy! Ribs is playing like he should be. Good, great, wonderful! If we can get a solid D man for him or a forward that shows some consistency, I'd part with him in a heartbeat. I don't mind people changing their mind, but this Jekyll and Hyde mentality is really starting to bother me. So really, this is just a friendly reminder that if you want someone traded, you're gonna want them to do well so we can get equal in return. Trading a shitty player for someone golden is just not gonna happen.
  6. You can color with me. You color, I'll colour. :/)
  7. Good lord!....this will be the most boring week ever. What will I do without 2 - 3 Habs games this week? *stares blankly at wall*
  8. Would I have been happy? No. But I recognize the need to give rookies playing time. You don't learn much by sitting on the bench.
  9. ooooo close, but not quite. So desu ka? I dunno how "Avery" is pronounced, I guess it's A've'ry? -- thought it was A'vry haiku no goo! *Whack from bamboo stick* What? The Haiku format is: 5 syllables for the first line 7 syllables for the second line and 5 again for the third line. JLP thinks Avery is 2 syllables, but I think Avery is three syllables, thus making JLP's second line 8 syllables and not a Haiku. He would then deserve every whack from that bamboo stick. :nono: One thing we can all agree on however, is that thank god the Habs broke their slump. I would have accepted any kind of win at this point (and it seems that they decided to go with their patented, tried and true 3 - 2 nailbiter brand.)
  10. Habs blow early lead Hits on Avery wildly cheered Sniper Dags First Star! ooooo close, but not quite.
  11. In a nutshell, its a good thing they didn't bench Dagenais and Riberio tonight (subtle dig at gohabsgo252006 for post he made yesterday). Dagenais scored 2 on feeds from Riberio. The first was a great shot. In between LA got 2 sort of cheap goals and we went to the third tied. On a PK half way through the third, Begin blocked a shot and went in on a breakaway chased by the LA defenceman followed by Bullis. Begin made a move on Garon and then dropped the puck to Begin. The LA d-man crached into Garon and they both fell into the net. This provided Bullis with the opening he's been waiting for all season and he put the puck into wide open net. Then we played defensive hockey for the last ten minutes. Habs win 3-2. Awesome :/) How'd the rooks play?
  12. So...please save me from reading 29 pages and tell me the highlights.
  13. I hope the Habs win But, alas, I won't be here So no more Haikus Go Habs Go!
  14. It's funny, Ribs and Dags play like the rest of the team should be playing, and we call for their heads. And I say "we" because I just finished bashing Dags (Kaks)
  15. the morale of the story: don't have a K in your name:lol: i guess Zedniks' netx:( *prays Dagenais changes his name to Kakekaik*
  16. Agreed, Dags is the first one to play in front of the net like that since Begin scored the winner against Florida all those games ago. If more players did that, we might actually have a few more powerplay goals. If that's Dags job description, I'm happy. BEGIN SCORED THE TYING GOAL WITH ABOUT 8 SEC LEFT RYDER HAD THE WINNER My mistake.
  17. Agreed, Dags is the first one to play in front of the net like that since Begin scored the winner against Florida all those games ago. If more players did that, we might actually have a few more powerplay goals. If that's Dags job description, I'm happy.
  18. Agreed. I'm calling for a personale change. Someone's got to go, and it's got to show the rest of the team they can't do shit like this.
  19. woah... that's asking a bit much for the result of a hockey game. May I encourage you by saying that one day, your wish will be inevitably granted... just don't rush it due to a loss to the Sabres. Hey come on! That may have been the best one. and let's face it, these games are too frigging depressing
  20. This got old quite fast. But I cannot stop typing. Someone shoot me please.
  21. Haiku's did not work. How much more zen must I be To have the Habs win?
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