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  1. *rofl* news of the day, Markov hugs Price ... man, that's so ridicilous!!! other guys write about wins, this Montreal media is writing huge stories about hugs at practice. as someone wrote yesterday, this team became a sideshow, just something for the media ... :puke:
  2. It wasn't regarding losing Chipchura, just saying in general that this team has no direction at all - that's how it seems to me. That might be minor moves but it sure doesn't help finding some chemistry on this team.
  3. *lol* ... this team is just a mess. How should a team work when every week someone is traded, demoted, promoted, etc. I know there are injuries to deal with but no other team is changing the line-up that much ... I don't see how someone should get chemistry on this team.
  4. What, there are boosts for online play? Guys can upgrade their players ... how stupid is that? Or is this only available for league play (hope so as I don't play this feature ...)? Anyways, nice games again Matt - we should rather play Fight Night than NHL ...
  5. Maybe guys are getting bored to write and read about the same things since these boards started? HABS are still mediocre and I still read the same things, rants, etc. at the Habs talk section - it's simply nothing new. Though that's just my opinion ...
  6. Exactly these ... it screws everything up and then I'm too lazy to change them back. Btw. Microsoft bans 1 million Xbox Live players That many because of hacked COD 6 games or were they just general cleaning up all those hacker dudes?
  7. I see, heck, I'm sure I'll get my revenge soon. Yeah, scoring is a problem ... btw. I don't like those dmd pre-tactics for online gaming, though I'm also too lazy to change it in-game.
  8. Hell yeah, first game online with this years edition - at least I beat the crap out of your Pens. Is that the time you're usually online right now? If so I'll try to be online at this time more often.
  9. http://www.manofest.com/Content/the-10-fun...f-all-time.html The Nr. 1 beats the old school Unreal Tournament guy for sure ...
  10. There's a new DLC available for Mass Effect ... Pinnacle Station. Seems like I'll start ME again after I've finished GOW.
  11. Not XBox related but is anyone BF Heroes playing?
  12. The Krauts should be ranked much lower after last years WC ... they would have been relegated to the B-WC if the wouldn't host next years tournament. :puke:
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