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  1. Thank God, was worried we didn't have enough bottom 6 players.
  2. I'm not worried about Radulov partying -- I'm worried about him riding the bench all year if he doesn't meet MT's 7PM bedtime.
  3. So they move Subban because he's not a 'team-player', and go get Radulov? Like the signing, but the hypocrisy is breathtaking. If this is all of our moves for the summer, I think we are a worse team than last year.
  4. I've been a loyal defender of the team for a long time, sticking with them through many questionable trades. Take the Gomez trade -- I forgave them for that because at the time, no one knew how good McDonagh would turn out, and we were filling a desperate need at center (obviously, no one knew how badly Gomez would spiral). Terrible trade in retrospect, but I could at least respect the intentions. They were trying to make the team better. They took a gamble and lost. It happens. With this trade, we know how bad it is for us. MB knows, the ownership knows, the media knows, the fans know. They knowingly pulled the trigger on making us a worse team because MT doesn't like Subban. He didn't know how to coach him, which is his responsibility and his short-coming. It's not just that Subban is loved, is charismatic, exciting to watch. a philanthropist, etc. that made me lose faith in this organization. I understand when hockey trades need to be made for a better on-ice product/long-term stability in the cap era. This is not that. The is the organization showing me that keeping their coach happy is a bigger priority than not only what the fans want, but also than icing the best team possible. Go Hawks!
  5. LIstening to the meltdown on TSN radio live... Glad to see all the experts are on our side. Does this trade make ANYONE happy??
  6. Will this beat out the McDonagh trade?
  7. I have no doubt Pleks, DD, and Emelin can all be moved for picks/junk to free up cap space -- I just don't see why Stamkos would want to sign here. If we sign him at 11 AAV (for example) he would be losing about 41 of his 77 mil. That, plus the misery of MTL media and fan expectations, the language, etc. ...
  8. My list of targets by priority: 1. Okposo 2. Eriksson 3. Ladd 4. Brouwer 5. Lucic 6. Boedker 7. Backes I don't think anything below that makes us a better team. Stamkos not included beacause c'mon... obviously.
  9. If MB was going to acquire a bottom six (as he always seems to be doing), I was hoping to get Weise back. Shaw probably is an upgrade though. I like the deal, but obviously we still need to be zeroed in on Okposo/Eriksson.
  10. Fowler would look great with the Habs. Could allow Markov to play 2-3 line pairing minutes + PP. Not sure what the ducks would want for him... Assuming a roster D-man isn't going the other way (but also assuming we are able to dump Emelin this summer), we would have easily one of the best d-corps in the league. Fowler - Subban Markov - Petry Beaulieu - Pateryn Barberio Of course, scoring up front should remain the top priority.
  11. From what I understand, on skill alone, Keller would be ranked in the top 5 if not for his size.
  12. More. Keller would be my pick if we can't move up.
  13. What's the consensus on Brown's skating? With these guys, I often hear "good for their size," which is fine except opponents aren't going to take their size into account and politely slow down for them.
  14. As the game seemingly gets faster and faster every year, I think size is becoming less important. Brown obviously has skill, but I doubt he would rank that high if it weren't for his size. I'd much rather trade up to try and get a goal-scoring winger, which is what we actually need.
  15. Everyone seems ready to count him out and call him a bust, but I would like to point out that there is a chance this might actually wake him up. Obviously he has had incidents in the past, but this one seems to eclipse everything we know about. If I'm in his position, I figure (and I'm sure everyone around him is telling him the same thing) that unless I can turn it around and be a good player for MTL, I'm done in the NHL. Maybe this is the wake up call he needs. Some people need to hit rock bottom before it sinks in. Sucks it had to happen this way, but this might be what he needs.
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