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  1. Doutbful. I still think Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa are more laughable than us - those teams are messed up in their own unique ways. I would also say Buffalo is pathetic. How many top picks do they need to get and still not make the playoffs? Now that they have Dahlin, let’s see what they can do. My guess, miss the playoffs again for the bazillionth time.
  2. I feel like almost everone on this board is from Ontario. It’s kinda weird.
  3. Forget blowing this up, just retool as Commandant says.
  4. The cap hit is $2.25M. Considering everyone signs for $1.75M these days, its a fair deal.
  5. Why is Tavares taking so long to make his decision? Pick a team already so the rest of the league can move on with their lives!
  6. Per Pierre Lebrun, Habs will announce Plekanec signing at noon EST, 1-year deal. Centre depth chart for 2019 will officially be: Drouin Danault Plekanec De La Rose
  7. With Armia we have to think that 2 of the following will be shipped out soon: Pacioretty Shaw Byron Hudon Scherbak McCarron
  8. Okay, let’s get back to whom we (and I mean me) think the Habs will sign: C - Tomas Plekanec RW - Anthony Duclair LW - Antoine Roussel After the dust settles with Tavares, Skinner and ROR, then Pacioretty gets moved for a LD. Those are my predictions.
  9. Exactly. Greatest fans in the world, awesome facilities to play in, a competitve AHL team, beautiful French women and the chance at a $9M/year bloated contract.
  10. Hearing from multiple outlets that Sabres-Blues have completed a trade for ROR. They’re waiting to announce on July 1st so that Buffalo picks up the $7.5M bonus. On the flip side, social media people are saying no trade has been agreed to between the Sabres-Blues. As you were.
  11. Habs should sign Jordan Subban on July 1st, that would make for some entertainment!
  12. Gosh, I long for the days when we can stop referencing the Subban-Weber trade in every other post. Make It Stop.
  13. According to EK’s rumour chart (best $19.99 I’ve ever spent) he has the Habs in on Jack Johnson and Calvin De Haan. I say sign them both. Then MTL can ice 12 defencemen and 6 forwards. We is smart.
  14. What about Pacioretty, McCarron and a 2nd round pick for O’Reilly? There’s no way Patches can stay in Montreal after the news leak of the failed LA trade. The media will eat him alive asking him the same trade questions over and over and over again, and no doubt his game will suffer because of this. Habs brought this on themselves.
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