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  1. Only 3 out of 4 possible points...i'm disappointed but I guess some people expect too much 😕
  2. Bruins are a juggernaut now because they peaked at the perfect time. Their cup to lose and I don't see anyone stopping them.
  3. I was impressed with Benn's game, especially his skating.
  4. Seriously, I started this thread and even I have lost interest in the 'Galchenyuk centre' controversy. This guy is on a different team now and I don't have the will to occupy my mind with old news. Wish him the best of luck.
  5. I'm also wondering what happens to the top 9 when Armia gets back.
  6. So who goes when Armia is back? If there isn't a trade, probably Hudon gets waived and more than likely claimed or do they do something else....
  7. We've all heard the rumours or have experience with the hazing but I haven't heard such a detailed description of it. Sickening...
  8. Yeah 2 games in and he ties Subban's season total for goals, lol.
  9. I would to see Kotkaniemi tried on the second line as well. He has more offensive upside than Danault. If it doesn't work, put him back.
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