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  1. Only 3 out of 4 possible points...i'm disappointed but I guess some people expect too much 😕
  2. Bruins are a juggernaut now because they peaked at the perfect time. Their cup to lose and I don't see anyone stopping them.
  3. I was impressed with Benn's game, especially his skating.
  4. Seriously, I started this thread and even I have lost interest in the 'Galchenyuk centre' controversy. This guy is on a different team now and I don't have the will to occupy my mind with old news. Wish him the best of luck.
  5. I'm also wondering what happens to the top 9 when Armia gets back.
  6. So who goes when Armia is back? If there isn't a trade, probably Hudon gets waived and more than likely claimed or do they do something else....
  7. We've all heard the rumours or have experience with the hazing but I haven't heard such a detailed description of it. Sickening...
  8. Yeah 2 games in and he ties Subban's season total for goals, lol.
  9. I would to see Kotkaniemi tried on the second line as well. He has more offensive upside than Danault. If it doesn't work, put him back.
  10. Never understood the hype over him. Makes you wonder why fans take to certain players with no apparent reason.
  11. So what's the good news...will some charitable GM take good ol' Karl off our hands?
  12. I get why you would want to maximize your assets and get the most for older players in trades, not hat he's old, but why does everyone want to get rid of a player when he starts excelling in Montreal? So far we should trade Petry, Shaw, Byron, Tatar, etc. Seems like a good group of players to just dump away for picks and prospects at this stage. Wouldn't a more pragmatic approach be to hope that the team plays well, can make a run in the playoffs and that Shaw is big contributor in the teams success along with the other players that are over 22?
  13. Lol @ the Jesus Price image. Therrien is like 'Oh help me mighty Jesus..only you can save me', Bergevin looks completely f'ed up and regretful and Subban is thinking "i'm so good and holy, surely no one will trade me" and Saint Gallagher has mastered the christian philosophy of turning the other cheek.
  14. Showed more grit and determination on that one goal than his whole time in MTL.
  15. I hope management is sensitive to his level of comfort playing in the NHL. True, he is not hurting the team but at this point I don't know how much he is helping either. From watching him play I sometimes catch some frustration on his part. He is used to having a larger impact on the game and one hopes that the new reality of this higher level of competition doesn't sap him of his confidence. If we had to use Peca as our 3rd C and Plek as the 4rth we would be ok for now but if they really feel he is best staying up then so be it. I just don't want him to be rushed unnecessarily.
  16. I just don't see why some people have such hope for this guy. He's never shown anything on the NHL level and his window is rapidly closing. The Plekanec injury is suspicious. Do you really think he is hurt or it's a way to not lose a player through waiver. Workman's comp scam
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