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  1. I have a question, hopefully someone can enlighten me on the specifics of this new waiver rule. I understand that if we recall Hainsey than another team could claim him at 50% salary... I agree with the quote above, I feel this would indeed likely happen. However, my question involves the IR rule, if Hainsey is recalled due to the IR circumstance does he have to go right back down when the player he is replacing comes off IR -OR- could we send someone else down? I guess I'm just trying to think outside the box here but I happen to agree with the rhetoric suggesting that A) we are thin along the blueline, B) our young forwards are not recieving valuable ice time, We are in the convienent position of having a quality defenceman in Dandenault that prefers to play the wing, making room for Hainsey long-term... I for one would rather see Dandy as a 4th line winger than Prez., I think it's a better fit... Afterall, they could certainly use Perezoghin's scoring in Hamilton and, while a demotion may not be entirely deserved, I'm sure he'd appreciate the minutes he'd recieve... Anyway, I'd love to hear discussion on any of these issues but would be particularly interested in clarification of the IR call up/waiver exemption rule...
  2. Guillaume Latendresse dominated the first game of this 6 game series. He had a hat trick and looked like the punishing power forward he was during training camp with the Habs. He played on a line with his brother (I assume) Olivier, who is having a spectacular year himself in the Q. This should solidify Guy as a top choice for the World Junior Team.... this tournament has served this purpose in the past. Gainey was in attendance and was reportedly all smiles! Little bit of good news to get everyone excited for our win against Atlanta tonight! Go Habs Go ps. the 2nd game, Q vs. Russia is broadcast nationwide on Sportsnet Wed. night.... after this last preformance it might just be worth watching! Article, from Sportsnet http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/shownews.js...ontent=s112177A
  3. Could this possibly be the Montreal media making the most of a small thing. Theo's groin tweak has been known for a while now... both he and the trainer have stated that it's not a serious pull it's more about discomfort... Even if he was 100% he's not likely to start both games of a back to back, especially the way Danis has been playing. Wouldn't this make him doubtful for tomorrow as well? (or for Saturaday anyway) I agree with Fanny about the Theo-bashing, it sucks, but frankly I don't think his play requires any excuses of any kind whatsoever. All goaltenders have slumps, few dominate the entire year from start to finish (without a defensive/trapping team in front of him, like Brodeur used to have). Theo is renoun as a slow starter, he's a groove goaltender who works tirelessly tweaking his game. The flack he's hearing is simply due to the fact that for the first time since he's been our #1, there are very high expectations of the team. We've met those expectations and at 13-3-3 I'd say we've exceeded them.
  4. According to this article from the Hamilton Bulldogs website, Cristobal Huet made a very impressive first start! http://www.hamiltonbulldogs.com/index.php?...=display&nid=66 39 saves in an undeserved, road-loss. Games 3rd star. 27 saves in a goal-less opening 2 periods. Not a bad opening performance. Now, if this club could just get scoring. I'm a patient person, I'd love for them to fall into a 2nd half groove like they did last season. I'm as big a Danis fan as anyone, he's undeniably got the more positive long-term future in Montreal but what a great problem to have! Go Habs Go!
  5. It is a complete shock to me that Bob McCown would admit this. Although it's nice to hear... He's probably Canada's foremost sport-radio personality. He is broadcast throughout Canada. His sportstalk program is carried by radio stations in all big markets across Canada. The radio program is also broadcast nation wide on Sportsnet TV. He also hosts a TSN program, The Business of Sport. This show is reputable, and has been around for many years. He broadcasts from the heart of LeafLand. Great to hear he's a Habs fan but I never would have guests it considering how little attention he pays to them on his shows.
  6. Score's still 1-1, equal chances to both teams. Laperierre's goal was nice. Duncan Milroy was the best Bulldog through first period for me. Lots of energy. Anybody know why Kostitsyn is wearing a full face mask. The commentators just said he's "still wearing it". How was he injured?
  7. Binghamton is 1-6-1-1 on the year gross... slightly worse than Hamilton.. Lots of chances through 10 mins, 1-1 the score, Danis looks sharp. No penalties so far BUT seemingly more hooking and holding than I've seen in any NHL game this year... very odd... Unique Hamilton line combos?!
  8. Sorry 7:30 Eastern Start time... and yup, looks like Danis will be in the nets!
  9. I just noticed the Bulldogs will be live on Sportsnet East tonight. They are playing the Binghamton Senators. 7pm Eastern
  10. Komisarus 'touched' him in the 2nd period with that cross check. As Pierre McGuire would say, 'that was just a penalty for being strong!'. St. Louis gave Komi 2 of the same shots seconds before on the same sequence and then he crumbled when Komi returned the favor.
  11. This was more entertaining than the 1st and 2nd periods of tonights game put together, hehe. Cool, thanks for the info...
  12. Cool Stats Simonus, Here's another cool fact. As of right now only two teams have winning franchise records against the Habs... Florida and BUFFALO However, with a sweep of this home and home series we would move into a franchise tie with Buffalo leaving only Florida for this new, exciting group of Habs to reel in!! ... Unfortunate to now read that Bonk has a pulled groin as opposed to the flu as was earlier reported. I think we are going to see an intense Habs team countered with a desperate Sabers team. I see us flying out of the gate as we've done in each road contest so far this season and Buffalo answering with the rough stuff... Markov's going to get his first snipe tonight... I don't think Mike Grier is playing either... Go Habs Go!!
  13. I know that there has already been plenty of discussion on what these rankings are evaluating- performance to date or team potential. I value a little of both in team rankings, I think that's the most accurate way to assess teams in this new NHL. A ranking of 16th overall, to me, suggests that 'team potential' HAS to be the main criteria by which TSN forms they're rankings HOWEVER Mark Napier is being far too modest! I fully expect the Habs to, at some point, slump badly; only natural for a young, developing team. We're still building here people;)!! BUT this is still a very talented hockey club. Despite the 'Analysts' pre and early season predictions this hockey club might just be a top 4-5 team in the East. Considering their start puts them 2nd-4th in the standings (based on strength of schedule and games played) I think MN's evaluation of 10th is still unreasonably low. The Habs have, so far, given their following every reason to be excited. In an industry that hails to the 'what have you done for me lately' principle, the Habs have produced! These guys have proven over ten games they are one of the top teams in the league!! Put 'em wherever you may on a website they are still number 1 in this chumps' heart... hehe Go Habs Go!
  14. Always been Koivu. There is no one in professional sport I'd rather see succeed! Begin and Bulis are behind Koivu but are definitely my 'next' favorite Habs!! Big one tonight against the Rangers, can't wait to see how we rebound! Go Habs Go!
  15. Hi, I'm not sure where all this is coming from really... There has been nothing written about these injuries. I remember Gord Miller saying Koivu went gingerly to the bench after a tough hit in Tuesdays game but I certainly remember him playing out the rest of the game with what seemed to be a normal shift. I didn't think the Koivu had a particularily hard time of it at all against the Flyers, he competed hard the entire game - maybe he got shaken up on a shift or two but no big deal. No wonder the Flyers were cuing in on him, every team does this, he's our best player! Kovalev has shown little signs of poor health himself. He has a pretty quick reaction to favor his wrists when he feels contact.... Anyway, I guess I just hope these are more rumors...
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