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  1. He probably wasn't consistent for a little while because he was depressed. I mean, what else does he have to do to make the Habs? He killed it for two straight years, he got shoutouts in the NHL ... and now Abby is in front of him.
  2. On a good note, Kostitsyn got 3 assists. Also Travers got his first goal
  3. This one ought to be a tough one. Hopefully a little higher scoring than last nights game!
  4. Bulldogs win another one. Kostitsyn scored another shoot-out goal, but again got no points. Grabovsky was held pointless. While Danis got the win and only allowed one goal. I really think we ought to trade Abby and give Danis the back up spot ... so that Halek can get full time minutes in Hamilton. Full story: http://www.theahl.com/news/league/index.html?article_id=7261
  5. I don't care how they play, as long as they win! Go HABS go!
  6. I'd like to hear about that too!
  7. story on-line at NHL.com Apparently Stortini was using knees and elbows in his fight. Personally, I think if you are going to fight in hockey you shouldn't be limited to boxing tactics. Why hot full on ultimate fighting? Only rules, no use of skate blades! http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?articleid=28471...mp;service=page
  8. so how did Niimina play tonight? Was he on his regular side?
  9. Hey, don't get me wrong, I don't want Brodeur on our team ... 8 years ago, maybe, but now ... nah! But I think he is right about playing under the magnifying glass in MTL. The media here is exeedinly irresponsible, and sensationalist.
  10. Well at least we got a point out of it. Too bad we gave up the tying goal with 5 minutes left. About all the slanderous remarks about Carbo ... I've deceided to ignore them all (and other negative comments) since anyone with a keyboard can log their opinions on to the web behind the safety of anonymity, and as another poster wrote, I'd rather look and hear about the positives ... even if it was the exceptional play of Brodeur. WOOT. Hope we win in NY!
  11. Not surprised. The media in Montreal is skrewed! The fact that RDS had a headline about Begin and Downey's little tiff is a testement to that! Anything to sell copy .... again, I miss the days of the Nordiques when the French media seemed to focus only on them, and would make them the dysfunctional children of the NHL.
  12. Chips gets to, as does Grabovsky ... Kostitsyn got nothing however. Good game for Danis, he stopped 37 shots.
  13. try "Dag nabbit" or "what in tarnation" ..... ohhhh, that reallly releases the rage!
  14. j'aimerais voir Higgins ao centre entre Kovalev et Samsonov avent que en change tout les lignes. Aussie, je pense que Plx serais mieux sur la 2eme ou 3eme trio.
  15. But te truth remains that if you want to talk to people fluently in a culture you must know their swear words if they are used commonly, and Quebec they are used commonly. Swear words are just words that have been culturally assigned to be curses or insulting. I think that it is better to teach your children respect and manners, so that they won't use them glibly, rather than trying to keep them in the dark ... they will find out anyway. Good article, however I would agree that America is prude, nor is English culture prude. We went through a period of puritism, just as Quebecker culture went through a period of Religious oppression. These effects can last through generations until a new source of curses are defined.
  16. He blows one game and there is already a term for him?!? Go HABS go!
  17. I wouldn't rush either. I'd like to see both mature a bit in the AHL and start scoring at a consistant click. When they start doing that then it will be much easier for them to step in as players who make an impact.
  18. You know Tucker was once a Montreal Canadian, but some idiot traded him away for a Joe Louis .... I think I would have liked Tucker more had he been a Canadien!
  19. [threadjack]Duuuuude, have you seen your own avatar? Furthermore, the depiction of Kim Jong Il in "Team American" is priceless![/threadjack]
  20. Man, if you guys saw a picture of me you'd still be responding to my welcome thread!
  21. Who is the wanker who has the commentary at the end of the clip criticizing Bullion not getting 5 because he dropped the gloves? What gloves were dropped? Furthermore, Tucker gave the first punch. Leafs are a bunch of hypocritical wankers. We should have traded Reibero to them!
  22. LOL. Yup, I agree. Aside from time off to see the family I really don't care. The only people who do still care are those whose parents have perpetuated the myth of Santa Clause .... frakin' materialists!
  23. The problem with the average Montreal hockey fan is that they are delusional. They believe in what Plato called the forms, but they believe that these forms actually exist on earth. Basically a form is the ideal of anything. There are things like justice that exist in society, and they are impured compared to the ideal of justice ... the form of justice. Now the Montreal fan wants our team to be the ideal team every night. The form of a hockey team. They believe that because these people get so much more money than they make at their jobs that these hockey players should be "supermen". They should score all the time, stop all plays towards their nets, they should not fight with each other, but they should pummel the oposition. They should be great leaders. They should not have a day, week, or even month off. They should not get injured .... infact, they should probably not even shit or piss because, well, shit and piss are not ideal. All I can say to these fans is, "Seek help Neo. You are living in a dream world." Or in the eternal words of Zack de la Roacha, "WAKE UP!!!!" Bloody good game! Glad we got the two points, and that the Laughs only got one. Glad Boullion pummeled Darcy Phucker. And I'm super glad that every day that passes is one less day without Higgins! Go :hlogo: GO!
  24. Wow, sounds like a lucky win. What is wrong with the Habs? Why have they been giving up so many shots recently? I get the feeling that the offence isn't doing its job of keeping the puck in the other end and forechecking enough.
  25. PTG, the term was whipping boy! One important name: Emelin. Hopefully this guy comes to north american and solves some of our D woes. I'd keep Bonk in a heart beat. The guy has been great for us. All the rest makes sense. Niimina, Abeisher, and Samsonov are probably going to go. That is one big nickle. I'd love to keep Sourey and Markov, and I think we should .... but I'm also affraid that this new magazine cover is prophetic:
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