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  1. shouldn't this thread be split? I mean, I came to read about Henry, not about point systems. I'm looking forward to seeing this guy in another game. I wonder if Larraque and him would be good, or horribly bad. There are only so many muscle heads you can use on the ice before you start getting burnt consistent.
  2. I voted Komisarek and Placenecs (I'm sure I spelled both of their names wrong ) I also think that we can sign some of the top guys back at a discount if the team does well, and they love their experience here in Montreal (no shredding by media). A good team environment often leads to players wanting to stick around longer. Anyway, time will tell. This season ought to be break out years for many of our younger guys ... so some players may become obsolete.
  3. OK, so the Habs played well, but, was this the same Sens team that killed us most of the season (and we just outplayed them), or did they seriously suck monkey balls tonight? Something is up with the Sens recently. I never liked the trade they made (well. actually, I did ... but not in their best interests ). Maybe they have their cancers in the locker room now, because they have too much talent to be sucking like they have of late. And.... Wooooohooooo! Go Habs go! (BTW, this score isn't an April fools joke is it? I already got burnt on one today!)
  4. Who cares! If he likes to pay for it, and he has got the cash, why not?
  5. Grabovski is not going to go to Hamilton. He isn't on their clear day roster. So, he will stay with the big club throughout the playoffs. Sounds like the guy had a panic attack or something. It makes no sense what he did. He must realize that he isn't exactly lighting it up, and also that the team they were playing was a little tough, and so they might need bigger bodies. It isn't too hard to figure out. I think he should sit and thank his lucky stars for the opportunity he has been given, and the faith the organization has shown him by not including him on the Bulldog's clear day roster. When he smartens up and focuses on his task at hand hopefully he'll start producing like he can.
  6. Excellent article. Hopefully they will be writing similar articles about O'Byrn about near the end of this playoff season! We are going to have a very tough D to play against for years to come!
  7. As we know Maxwell has had some hard luck in the last two years; however, on a bright note, since coming back from injury this time he has being playing well. In his last game on March first he got two points and was named the game's first star. This is not the first time he has received mention as the first star, and this one was even more impressive seeing as his team lost the game. He is probably not in tip-top game shape mentally and physically at this point in his season, but if he does continue to work hard he may be just rounding the corner when his team is eliminated and he is shipped of to Hamilton for their playoff run. The Bull Dogs are in desperate need of an offensive centre since Grabovski left, and so he may get some primo playing time. I'm excited!
  8. Don't know too much about his situation, but I don't know why he should be loyal to anyone. He got traded from his original team when he was playing very well. Remember Corey Stillman, or Ryan Smith, both guys were heart broken when they were traded. This is the new NHL, where GMs are not always loyal to their stable of players, so why should the players be loyal to them?
  9. What was that about chickens before they hatch? Threads like this make me want to photoshop a preview of monkeys flying out of my butt. Can't wait for the playoffs like the rest of you, but who knows what the final standings will look like. I hope that the Habs end up at the top, but I think that the odds are against us. We will probably end up 4-5 ... and then who knows! But have fun speculating all y'all!
  10. This was inevitable. The thing is that it was either Huet or Halak, and Halak has way more potential. Huet did really good by us, but he was never consistent over the long haul. I expect great things from our duo ... maybe not next week, but definitely in the long run (i.e. next year for shizzle!) ...
  11. Very funny. To me it demonstrates the ingenuity of some of the GMs in professional sports. The rules were made with good intention, but as usual, the reason why the game cost so much is some GMs will throw bucket-loads of cash at anyone in an attempt to win championships. We are just lucky to have a reasonable GM who doesn't get suckered in to that kind of tom-foolery! (I mean Gainey here ... I know we don't have a basketball team!)
  12. Agree with JMMR. Jokinnen, but he would cost too much. However, Boyle would make us pretty impressive in the back end. I don't think we should mortgage the farm .... things are just starting to warm up in Habs land!
  13. The Dogs put a 7-4 beating on one of their biggest rivals. Grabovski came out with a big game getting 3 goals and an assist, and the 1st star of the game. http://stats.theahl.com/stats/official-gam...game_id=1004262 Still no sign of Trotter.
  14. Article from the Hamilton Spectator ... He hasn't played in 3 weeks and needs to get in to game shape: http://thespec.com/article/324211
  15. if 20$ is grand-theft, then what is petty larceny? Charging someone with Grand theft because they happened to have a high limit on their visa seems to be making a mockery of the system. Basically, O'byrn is being charged with the same crime as someone who car-jacks ... pretty pathetic IMO!
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