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  1. i feel they took a page out of basketball player recruiting sometimes with goalies too ... they look at wing span see it cover the net maybe? looooooll
  2. i wanted to post some thoughts/feelings on a board where i like folks and Value their thoughts. i try not to rant too much or often but i got a small one... Habs draft time is; what i would guess, would be Easter for a Christian. The promise of the Glory of the Cup revived in the hopes placed in a future savior. I Absolutely Love this time of the year!! i still don't get why the KH made the pickS he made but i got Faith in the man to bring the Team to the Promise land of Flowing Champagne and Rings. I might have a little bias bcuz man initials same as mine backwards but i've liked most of his moves so far and i he seems as a Good maybe even Great General. thanks for putting up with my rant
  3. i wonder what it would take for Grier to trade the 4th OA pick out right??
  4. tbh in my head it was Guhle or Hutson, but then i thought maybe SJS would want stock up on prospects and couple young NHL players .. it does seem like a top Heavy draft indeed
  5. even if we keep the 5th how about one of Harris or Baron (sp?) would SJS do that? (edit) or even both +31 OA + 2nd (maybe)
  6. i got a proposal ... would Lane Hudson, 31 OA pick and a prospect get SJ Sharks 4th OA pick?? would that even be a good trade for the Habs, would having Michkov and Smith possibly make us better??
  7. I was trying to talk aboot how they sounded while talking hockey not on the present skill or future levels reached.. I just felt Slafkovsky sounded way more lively aboot the game and Wright more of the between period quick interview type.. as i said idk much aboot the players other then what i read here
  8. i spent time in service jobs on the phone (A Lot of Collections Work) and did my fair share client experience/accommodations relations.. i think i got a pretty good dung meter gauge in my ears.. This Slafkovsky kid move my needle on my meter ALL The Way to: TRUTH.. well from this interview he did anyway.. https://www.rds.ca/videos/hockey/lnh/lnh-combine-mon-entrevue-avec-le-ch-etait-plus-succulente-qu-un-souper-hockey-3.1407785 Not knowing anything aboot their (Wright/Slafkovsky) game more then what i read here...IF their game is close and if yall may think my non-hockey set apart matters: I would pick Slaflovsky from that interview Maybe by the time Wright did his interview https://www.rds.ca/videos/hockey/lnh/canadiens/lnh-j-aime-tout-a-propos-des-canadiens-hockey-3.1407793 he didnt have much gas left in the tank for another round of questions and (boring) answers imho Slafkovsky seems more like a Romanov bubbly character and Wright pulls to me more as a Price low key... Then again there is a reason why Habs never even looked at me CV right?
  9. I like that FeReal tho .. if he got better game at dot then KK in 1st year i kinda see that as a win and if he a middleman at next level too.. double win
  10. random old time memory... i had a friend i played hockey (fine, ball hockey) with back inda days and this foo never went digging for ball but holy dang this guy Always had the ball as soon some1 on the other side came out the corner... I aint never seen aLazyMan with such an Active stick. I saw my boy on ice with KK at times and then no more.. I wish him well tho (KK)
  11. thanks guys for hitting me up so if he should play next year and 34 is a reasonable point total.. how aboot the parts that are puckless some peepo chatup all the time? *going into the boards *coming out the boards with the puck *(they say he a center) can he win face offs, that kind biz .. bcuz to be honest i didnt think KK is an NHL center (ok top center), i see him more winger type but then again i saw the last 10 years play too so maybe i forgot what a (young top) NHL center on the Habs looks like, Thank The Divine for Nick Suzuki
  12. i got a draft question.. say the Habs pick Wright .. and he play next year in the bigs can we say better or worse then KK in year 1? is Wright even gonna play in bigs next year like KK did after his draft?
  13. Big Bird is my favorite too .. honorable mention Tuna
  14. sooo you think I heard wrong that Timmins draft plan was to clone Mario Lemieux the last 10 years and his resources went there and not in scouting the 1st round?? ;)
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