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  1. I proposed a way to achieve this a few posts back (maybe pages ago) but i think it might still be too much (edit) I saw somewhere Suzuki said he understands KK for the sign bcuz its "life changing money" so if MB real high on KK I think 50 mil overall money will get him to stay
  2. that would make MB, King Troll!!! loooolll trade KK b4 times up on offer sheet, He will go in my perso HoF for that!!
  3. let KK walk for his 6 milly and i still dont want Chucky on the Team... why is that? I liked Chucky as winger
  4. it seems to me the offer sheet is a play u pull for hate... since the start of it, Oil cans and Penner after he Ducks win. Yet I enjoy the h8 hockey clubs can get for one another alot
  5. I would try a hand shake deal regardless... I dont think Canes wanna give up picks just to get a player 1 year and I dont think they would gv KK 18milly over 3 yrs either... If I was MB I would try the same, hand shake deal for an 8yr extension with Drouin money + the 6milly live this year (edit) well if the play is to absolutely keep him but I will hold to let him walk
  6. i think he would be happy with Drouin money on a long term contract long term ... 6x3=18 but 6+8x5.5=50 ... i dont think he will hit 50mil career wise as quick... not tring to be a bum but yeah
  7. MB having nervous laughs and drinks to 'calm nerves' ... so kinda same same no?
  8. I think MB should let KK walk but... If the argument to keep him is on the pay alone being the problem: I can see this solution... they could figure out an extension an bring over all $ amount down starting next year (2022), i would guesstimate a 5.5 over 8yrs and it might require a trade like Byron (even tho I like TiPaul, Man Play like a Lion!!) this would keep the vets tht left dough on the table happy ish and maybe allow Habs in back in low ball salary discussion again with Suzuki. Then again I feel Suzi gonna Bi***h slap this year the league and Habs gonna need McJebus money to keep him
  9. wow!! I didn't even think aboot how a hand shake 8 yr back door deal might affect this 1yr
  10. Yup bad hand, take the loss and save the team is best option imho
  11. my bad i miss read the amount its 20 bucks bonus llllooooooolllll https://www.rds.ca/hockey/canadiens/lnh-les-hurricanes-font-une-offre-hostile-a-jesperi-kotkaniemi-1.14617660
  12. Thanks so 1 yr 6.1 milly and 20mil sign bonus... how is this not 26.1 million for 1yr? why hasnt MB just signed every player to low contracts and High sign bonus yet then? huh? what? Ima soooooo Confused!!!!!
  13. Thanks for the clarification but isnt this a multi year deal? and we still have to qualify him next year? tho I see the can of worms it opens with Suzuki contract next year and maybe even with some of the vets (Gally) that could have left some money on the table to help MB out
  14. what does that get MB? like a 1st and a 2nd right? Is that really fair? I think MB should keep KK but 6.1mil seems High
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