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St. John's vs. Hamilton | Game Thread | 04/01/05

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<img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/Jason/stjohns.jpg> <img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/Jason/PardyJ/VS.gif> <img src=http://www.laughinghyena.net/LogoServer/hockey/HamiltonBulldogs2.GIF>

<img src=http://www.nhlmaniac.com/images/logos/minors/st_johns_maple_leafs.png> 40-26-1-4 : 85 Points (3rd in the North Division)

<img src=http://www.nhlmaniac.com/images/logos/minors/hamilton_bulldogs.png> 32-27-7-5 : 76 Points (4th in the North Division)

Projected goalies for this game are:

<img src=http://pics.forecaster.ca/nhl-player/2183.gif> # 32 Mikael Tellqvist (22-14-3), 2.61 GAA <img src=http://slam.canoe.ca/BulldogsImages/teamlogo_sjs.gif>

<img src=http://pics.forecaster.ca/nhl-player/2858.gif> # 35 Yann Danis (24-16-5), 2.39 GAA <img src=http://slam.canoe.ca/BulldogsImages/teamlogo_ham.gif>

Maple Leafs Roster


Bulldogs Roster


<img src=http://www.hamiltonbulldogs.com/Bulldogs/Includes/Apr1b.jpg>


Listen to the game live on 820 CHAM

Listen to the game live on The Team 990

This game can be seen on tv in Canada on <img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/Jason/RDS112.gif>& <img src=http://www.theahl.com/AHL/News/2004/10/30/sportsnet_90.jpg>

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Now it's punishing time. They gave the game to Syracuse with 9sec left. They'll pay back. Go Dogs!

Prediction: 8-0 (ok that's more a wish than a prediction lol)

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This vision came to me while I slept last night....

Hamilton 4

St. John's 2

1st Period

Wellwood from B. Bell

Begin from Ward

Ling (unassited)

2nd Period

Miettinen from Daley, Plekanec

Locke from Hainsey, Miettinen (PP)

3rd Period

Begin from Ward, Cote

1st Star- Steve Begin

2nd Star- Yann Danis

3rd Star- Antti Miettinen

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Hamilton had by far the best chances on that 1st Leafs PP. Didn't like to see that Wellwood insideout move on Komisarek though:wall:

Are they playing Ivanis with Locke to see if they can soften up his hands abit... Just a thought but I think he's got a great chance of being in Montreal when they come back. Cool that he one their fastest skater competition too.

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Great game so far, only the second game i get to catch on tv this season, so its awesome to finally see the guyz in action.

Cote's hit was great... I was laughing 2 :D

I see Begin still skates the same way 2... If you saw his break you know wut i mean.

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If kostitsyn would force to the net more he would get alot more goals. He gets alot of oppertunities and seems like a very good player. I think he just has to improve on his skating and develop more his skil, like one or two more years with the dogs and he'll be a great player

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Horrible pinball hockey, and Komisarek was brutal out there. Andrew Archer looked much better than he did. Also, Danis is terrible at handling the puck, someone better give him some lessons. There is a real lack of skill on the Bulldog team. Lots of grinders and hackers, but no playmakers. Maybe it's Jarvis style. If so they should change coaches.

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Is it just me or did Hainsey have a terrible game?... He showed some good shifts, but in general... gah!

Tough loss, but the important game is tomorrow again Syracuse.

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Hainsey did look awful. Cote was no great shakes, either. Andrew Archer looked better than all of them. That is not a good sign. :nono:

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Sad lost, but hey, they have to forget it and move on. Tonight it'll be a real 4 pts game againts direct rival Syracuse. I wish best luck to the Dogs. Hopefully we'll win. The game will pretty much tell if we make or not the playoffs.

You're funny Beckham! We should name you "HW's Official Pessimist" lol.

We have an highly skilled team. We do have playmakers. Locke and Plekanec sure are. It's a farm team and I don't care much if they win or lose. They should develop their skills and body however. Well, with no NHL, it's sure there could be more pressure on them..

ok, i have to say it..


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Caught the last 5 minutes of the 3rd. I thought that Delay of Game penalty was gonna get the Dogs back into the game.

Ah well, they'll just be going for the throat tonight against Syracuse!

Go Dogs Go!

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