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  1. Well, my Finnish isn't great, but from the sounds of it, Lindgren is the real deal. Rask has been shaky at best. His GAA is around 4 in the senior league, where they don't score a lot of goals as a rule. Leaf fans are going to be choking with rage if the current trend continues and Lindgren proves to be the much better 18 year old prospect with Ilves.
  2. Looks like the Stars committed big time larceny getting this kid in the third round of the 2005 draft. He has 6 points in his first 9 games in the Finnish Elite League as a (barely) 18 year old rookie. Those are much better numbers than Koivu or any other of the top Finn draft picks in recent years managed at that age. Lindgren has good size as well, and was one of the youngest players taken in the draft.... Plays for Ilves Tampere who are one of the poorest teams in the league as well. Good news it that Toronto draftee Tukka Rask is getting lit up playing for the same team in net. Lost his starting role to a journeyman vet...
  3. Speaking of Huet, it looks like Garon may have lost the starter's role in L.A. after just one game. He was lit up in the first game of the year for the Kings, Labarbara went in for the second game and the Kings won...
  4. Nearly twice as much as Huet who was the starter in L.A. at the end of the last NHL season, and has numerous World Cup and Olympic appearances to his credit.
  5. Danis wasn't drafted at all. Every team in the league had a couple dozen shots at him. Not the type of player you sign for the rookie max.
  6. Danis earns $875,000 per annum! That means that prior to the rollback he was given a first round draft pick entry level contract as a free agent...:?- Best paid zombie with a soul patch and an out of fashion trucker's hat in the country, I bet.
  7. I don't think the team needs any "protection" from those goons. Let them take their dumb penalties and fill the nets on the PP. More likely that Dagenais is just so bad that Ivanans has to be a step up regardless of the situation.
  8. Sure that isn't Bertuzzi you're talking about? Maybe Fedor has been watching Vancouver's big man, and thought if he threw a chicken* sucker punch, he would become the toast of the town and get standing O's wherever he showed up...:puke::puke::puke:
  9. He made the Canucks team, they didn't trade him due to a "lack of desire". They traded him because they couldn't get him to fit under their salary cap. If Slats ends up with a 24 year old who scored 14 points in 29 RSL games instead of a 32 year old who scored 22 points in 35 RSL games a year ago, he has to feel O.K. Especially when the 24 year old earns about 1/10 the salary. [Edited on 2005/10/7 by beckham]
  10. He is 6-4, 230 and skates like Balej. Last season in the RSL he put up similar numbers to Kovalev and he is a lot bigger and younger.
  11. Syvret is a couple years older than most of the draftees. I was surprised he went as HIGH as he did. I think that Andre Benoit will turn out to be as good or better.
  12. Rumors that Ivanans will dress in place of Dagenais on Saturday. Also Ribeiro getting a lecture from Julien at practice. The fun begins!
  13. The problem with the Ribeiro line is that there is one playmaker, two finishers, and no grinder/defensive player. Things don't look good for Dagenais since Ryder seems to be doing the finishing, and Dags ain't about to become a grinder or backchecker. Look for him to be replaced by a quicker two way winger.
  14. Kovalev has already played nearly 20 minutes of power play time through 2 games and has a scrawny 2 assists to show for it. "La foule" shall "protest" Big Nose whenever he touchs the puck before Christmas rolls around...
  15. I wonder if he bought the #### for her?
  16. Steve Begin played a great game, but doesn't seem to be getting much credit. He and Chris Higgins skated miles out there.
  17. Souray may be hurting as well. He had some sort of injury, and I don't think they necessarily divulged the full details. Once he was reunited with Komisarek, those two were money in the bank.
  18. Perezhogin has great speed, but I don't think he is a natural scorer. He wasted a lot of good opportunities, although his goal was a think of beauty.
  19. I thought Souray was fine. Especially after they put him back with Komisarek. Those two work well together and give up nothing in their own zone. Dandenault is a defensive risk on the order of Dagenais and Ribeiro. I think they are -3 or so already, and would be worse if Michael Ryder wasn't bailing them out with singlehanded goals. Komisarek is a +3 already with just 21 minutes of playing time through 3 games. He and Markov have been the best blueliners in my estimation. [Edited on 2005/10/7 by beckham]
  20. If you and mrs. shortcat want to make a mess in the rec room in the privacy of your own home, that is entirely up to you as consenting adults. More than we need to know........
  21. Myeeh....Boo Boo is a four time waiver guy by my count. #5 isn't too far in the future....
  22. * stands for "mess" in my pristine world, shortcat....get your mind out of the gutter....
  23. Komisarek played that 3 on 1 perfectly when Bouillon hung him out by pinching and getting caught deep in the Bruisn zone. If that happened the other way round you guys would be crucifying Komo and babbling about how Boo Boo saves his ass....:eyes:
  24. In my inbiased opinion......the weakest links on the team are Dagenais, Ribeiro, Bouillon and Dandenault. I have 0 confidence in those 4. edit...add Danis to that list if he has to play. [Edited on 2005/10/6 by beckham]
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