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  1. Somewhere, Saku Koivu is crying. For years, we've ignored the size factor while drafting, signing and trading. For years, we've had regular sized and small sized players. Some exceptions (komisarek, quintal, ivanans) but, never more than 1-2 at a time. Until now, it seemed that they denied totally that factor ... Erik Cole, Max Paccioretty, Rene frikkin Bourque (and, to a certain extent, Travis Moen & Blunden, when you think that we had Steve Begin in that role before) I mean we drafted signed and traded for those guys. What was so tough? I'm saying Saku b/c it's a fact, his play has been hindered by the fact that his wingers were Bulis, Zednik, Czerkawski, Berezin, Savage (ok, Recchi too), etc. The last big winger this team had was Shane Corson. We did get a declining (well, at that state, it's not an active tense, but a past tense : a declined!) Randy McKay... But what else? What was so tough to understand? We had 30M$ to spend on the Market 2 years ago and we went ALL IN on... smurfs? yes, they played well, while it lasted... but fact is, right now, Among our best players night in night out, there is MaxPax, Cole, Bourque etc. and their size IS A FACTOR. There is not much difference between the way Cole and Gionta play. But between the two of them there is 35 lbs and 7 inches. So congrats for getting them, but GEEEEZ, let that be a lesson and always try to balance the size factor on the lineup.
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